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Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights

And the gloss is back out to play again! I got these gifted by a follower, and I was super excited when they came as it’s the perfect weather to get those legs out and in a pair of shiny hosiery!

I know people wouldn’t really do tights in hot weather, but trust me they can actually keep your legs quite cool on hot days. And when you have a pair like this, it’s hard to keep away!

The Spec

Colour: Natural Glow

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: Unknown

Price: £3.84

Website: Amazon – Gipsy 1471 Gloss luxury tights

My Outfit

Yep I am copying a similar outfit that I did a good while back (I love how it just works so well) with my black bodysuit paired with my poofed skater skirt and added my mules to finish off the look.

I kept my hair down and once again jewellery to a minimum of course 🙂

My Deets

Top: gifted off Amazon

Skirt: Zara

Tights: Gipsy

Shoes: River Island



The Review

From The Website: Luxury gloss tights for flawless legs, for daywear through to nights out Stunning shine, sheer to waist with gusset, sheer reinforced toe 90% nylon, 10% elastane Hand wash 3 Sizes. Made in Italy

10 Denier Gloss Tights
Sheer to Waist
Cotton Gusset
Reinforced Toe



The Packaging: is very much like the rest of the Gipsy collection. It gives you all the info at the front of the packaging along with a peep hole window to show the shade of them along with the details at the back. (I love how they have this cute pink packaging!)

“Sheer to waist with gusset. Sheer reinforced toe”

When you get in, these are flat folded around card, so they’re ready to slide right on!


Getting Them On: these were super easy to scrunch and roll (and nope you don’t need hosiery gloves as I didn’t wear mine this time either). These were fine going over anklets as well, so you don’t have to worry about that (if you do wear them). I just can’t wait to see the gloss in action!


On The Legs: oh wow! Luckily I took pictures in natural lighting as well as with the flash on, so you can see the difference between normal day legs and when the sun would be beaming down on them!

The denier is wonderful for summer; they have that gorgeous leg coverage and with that added gloss, it just makes those legs stand right out!

The quality is alright as well; these did manage to snag during the day but as they’re a natural shade, you couldn’t really tell unless you went right up close to see it (pretty impressive!)

The fit and feel is once again just awesome. I love how they feel on the legs; silky smooth and just perfect and the fit is amazing. I can’t say these were falling down my legs like my last glossy pair did! They are just super awesome!

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The Toes & Ankle: reinforced toes are the ones here waheyyyy!!! You get a very unnoticeable strip going across the toes (unless you’re looking right up close) on the front and back of the tights, so make sure you get those sandals out with these!

There’s plenty of room in these for your toes to move, and there is no added pressure either during the day where you have to pinch the hosiery away from the toes.

A nice flush finish around the ankles too – a barely there look to be honest!


The Waistband: I didn’t get to take images of the band as I was rushing and forgot but the band is super soft and holds up really well during the day. There is plenty of elasticity so you won’t get these digging into you throughout the day either.



My Thoughts?

I truly think these are great to get; they’re super cheap, they look amazeballs on the legs and you cannot go wrong with the fit. I have to admit I wasn’t too happy that these snagged, but even so, it’s not that noticeable (this is shade dependent).

I would certainly recommend these for those who don’t want to spend too much on a pair of glossy tights for summer.

2 thoughts on “Gipsy Luxury Gloss Tights

  1. Those tights look amazing I myself have several pairs of Gipsy tights just not these. Gipsy is another great brand I have glossy one’s in colors like yellow 15 den the one’s in my photo are my Gipsy 40 den metallic have them in both colors plus have colored Gipsy tights. One thing I noticed was their sizing is generous even in the O/S size.