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Gipsy Lace Compass Tights 

We meet again Gispy! It’s been a while and I am hoping that you’ll do me proud once again after having a few not-so-good reviews previously.

I got these off Amazon (sold by Tights Tights Tights if you’re interested) as I haven’t seen this pair around before, so I thought I would give them a go.

The link > Gipsy Lace Compass Tights


My Outfit 

My outfit – striped along with statement tights and then a green duster coat on top and then plain black shoes to finish the look – it’s a lot right?! Well I thought why not? It’s been a while since I’ve done a last-minute experimental and I said to myself just throw it on, walk out the door and avoid mirrors! …

… And that is what I did.

The stripy dress is one that I haven’t worn in a while (it’s a tube style so the shoulders have to be covered at work hence the duster coat) and the tights I thought would add to it all. I kept the shoes plain and simple as I didn’t want to make it busier than it actually looks!

I kept my hair down, added a choker to it and simple diamante studs and off we go.

My Deets:

Choker: Topshop

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Duster Coat: Miss Selfridge

Tights: Amazon via Tights Tights Tights

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon


The Review 

So I don’t know if you are all familiar with Gipsy packaging, but it is very basic looking (not slating it here by the way!). It shows the design at the front through a medium-sized window with a small description stated in the left hand corner, and the back is just about sizing and the materials used. There isn’t anything about the brand itself stated anywhere, and would be something that you would need to research online.


Inside The Packaging: you will find that the cardboard is inserted into the tights to show the design fully as there was no model at the front wearing them. The card is easy to get out without the tights being snagged (for a change) and getting them on wasn’t a problem. You may want to be careful with long or sharp nails as the lace is quite fine on these pair even though it doesn’t look it. I would recommend the scrunch and roll and don’t pull up unless you’re comfortable doing so.


Around The Toes: is actually really pretty. I’ve currently got dark nails which blends in quite nicely, but vibrant colours would look pretty stunning under the lace and paired with some peep toes or sandals would look amazeballs! I love the lace around the ankles and under the knees as it sits so beautifully in the curves. I thought they might not be so snug where it bends, but they actually are.


The Waistband: i have to say isn’t one of my top favourites. It sits quite high which is quite nice, but throughout the day it does start to fall down slightly, meaning trips to the loo or a dark corner to pull them back up again! They did lose their elasticity after pulling up and down a few times during the day, but still not too bad at the end of it. It’s a change from most of the bands I have worn over the past 2 weeks!


The Design: is so gorgeous. I love intricate looking designs. They just make the legs look so elegant and mesmerising. The best thing about these is in different lighting, it becomes more sheer looking. When the light hits it, you see more leg come through, whereas when the light is away from it, it becomes dark and the details are emphasised.


The Look & Feel: is not what you expect. I have to say being lace, these don’t feel rough or grainy at all. I won’t say they’re super smooth, but it’s not something that would catch and snag easily if you know what I mean. I have to say in certain angles, these can make your legs looks bigger than they are. I had to seriously get the angles right in my pics so my legs don’t look like they’ve just added on 5lbs! When standing, it’s not so bad but lying down or sitting is where the issue is! Because of the generic pattern, it can do this to your legs (unless they’re already lovely and toned) so watch out for this one.


photogrid_1488979648501.jpgOverall Thoughts?

You’ve done well Gipsy – I am glad to have reviewed these tights for you! it’s a step up from some of the not-so-great I have done in the past for you, but these are a winner in my eyes. I love the design, love the look and the way they feel is great! Not come across a pair like that in a while, so thank you!


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