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Gipsy Lace Ankle Socks

I’ve been dying to try these socks out ever since I got them from UKTights, but never quite had the chance to as the outfit I wanted to wear doesn’t go, or my shoes are too daring for work – there was always some excuse. Well today I decided to just pull out an outfit that I think will come together and work with it. I don’t care if it works or not, I’m in it and spending the day wearing it!

So please don’t judge me too much if you think it’s a blah outfit and I could have done better, I was in one of the moods where nothing was going to please me and I wasn’t going to spend half the day trying to find something to wear!

Now let me tell you one thing about this outfit where I actually surprised myself – I have never ever been a socks and sandals girl ever, and I have always disliked the whole combo. But now that I have reviewed a few from Calzedonia with shoes, I decided to rock these with a pair of open toes sandals.

“Never in a million years did I ever think I would be wearing these down the street”

The Spec

Colour: Cream

Size: One Size (Shoe 4-7 UK Size)

Price: £3.99

Website: UKTights Gipsy Lace Ankle Socks


My Outfit

Ok so here goes… I went with a pink cami top (I wanted some bold colour in this) with my midi a-line skirt and my open toe sandals. I still can’t believe I am in this but I actually quite like it. It’s elegant, very feminine and it’s super cute!!!

I teamed up with small pearl earrings as I didn’t want nothing too bold as my first time wearing a combo like this!

My Deets

Cami Top: Forever21

Skirt: AX Paris

Socks: Gipsy via UKTights

Sandals: Forever21


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The Review

Let me begin by grabbing some info from UKTights website:

* 30 denier
* Pretty lace design
* Ankle high
* 100% Nylon
“Now aren’t these the cutest little anklets you’ve ever seen and at a great price too. We love the different colours that are available and at this price they make fabulous gifts. Wear them with heels or pumps but you’ll be bang on trend with these.”
I have to apologise before I begin my review as I accidentally deleted the photos of the packaging when they arrived, so to see how they will be coming to you, head onto the website (link up above) to see for yourself. It was a small cardboard top holding the socks in place stating the make and size at the front and I can’t remember what was stated on the back 🙁
Getting Them On: You will find that these have a seam line at the side of them. I put them on the inner bit of my foot instead of the outer part (personal preference here) but I found it more comfortable to do it that way instead.
The Toes: are just covered in this gorgeous lace. I mean it’s just stunning! I’m glad I went for cream instead of black as it makes it easier to pair with open toes for summer and create cuter styles. Black does go with everything, but colour is something that adds to your outfit and can make it pop!
The Gapping: is something that you will find with these. As they are lace socks, you will find that it doesn’t sit flush against your foot where it arches etc. so you will find slight gapping but nothing too noticeable though! I managed to hide mine but when wearing on their own with no shoes on, you will see it then.
The Trim: is all cream too as Gipsy have some with a contrast trim band, but these are the same colour. What I do love about these is that you can wear the full length or you can scrunch down like I did to make it more ruffled and flirty I like to say. I actually preferred them scrunched as it made me look slightly taller whereas keeping them full length made me look slightly stumpy!
As they are elasticated, these stay in place all day so you don’t need to worry about them falling down. With tights on underneath, you may want to opt for a matte finish or a shiny sheer with not such a smooth finish as you want the trim to grip onto something so it stays up!


Up Close: is just a simple design with a lovely effect. It looks quite Victorian in cream, but super girly in the other colours available! The work is a lovely net which is quite thick (30 denier) so will be pretty durable if you treat them right.

Overall Thoughts?

I seriously love these. I think these have to be my new summer socks to wear with almost everything! I love how you can wear them in 2 ways, which can work with heels, flats, trainers, boots – the works!
They are comfortable, cute and they don’t itch, feel rough on the feet and can work with tights as a base if you want to create some real funky looks.
“I have to say I am now coming out of my comfort zone with socks and will be wearing them more. The more I am in them in different styles, the more it makes me want to style it with tights, with skirts, for work, I just want to get out there and play now!!”
Watch this space!!!! Thank you UKTights! You have got me thinking….