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Gipsy Glitter Fishnet Tights

FISHNET FRIDAY is back! Sorry that I didn’t post last week lovelies; I ran out of nets to do, but I’ve got a special pair I’m reviewing today (just in time for my birthday!)

I have to say I really like glitter tights! I think they’re so cute, and even though they can be limiting, they do look superb on the legs! I got this pair gifted by one of my amazing followers, and damn did they pick a good pair to do for Fishnet Friday!

The Spec

Colour: Black / Silver

Size:  One size

Materials: 78% Nylon, 15% Lurex, 7% Elastane

Price: £5.50



My Outfit

I kept it cool and calm at the top, and then went in all glitz and glamour at the bottom! I went with my cream fine knit jumper over my bodycon, glitzy legs and then my strappy court shoes just to finish it off and make it look more office-y!

I left my hair down and curly for a change (I couldn’t be bothered to straighten it!) and just added small earrings!

 My Deets

Jumper: Topshop

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Gipsy

Shoes: Simmi Shoes




The Review

On The Website:  Be the life and soul of the party in these glittery fishnets! We’ve done our best, but please note that the colours shown above are indicative only, as both individual skin colours, and the technical limitations of the photographic and website display technologies mean that accuracy of colour representation cannot be guaranteed.



The Packaging:  it comes packed inside a small cardboard piece – it doesn’t give you much detail about them to be honest, but I suppose you can feel them and see them in the open for yourselves when you receive it.

When you unravel, you will find a long piece of card in there, but it won’t be an issue as it’s a pretty soft one!




Getting Them On: one thing I have to say is these are not itchy at all. You would think it because of those small silver bits that are entwined into the knit, but actually it isn’t at all. I used the scrunch and roll technique (which always helps) and the best thing is that these are so elastic-y, which means you can pull them right up and they will just fall into place slowly.



The Toes: I don’t know you will be able to tell but these have a smaller fishnet around the toes and then it works into the micronet. I think this is such a good idea as it eliminates the risk of toes poking through! They’re roomy, they’re hardly itchy and they are stretchy as anything!




The Waistband: now this is a point worth mentioning – these slip. As much as I love them, the band isn’t that great which means these just fall down all the while. If you’re wearing a flowy skirt or dress, it’s not so bad, but with the bodycon moving it around all the while, I’m constantly having to pull the back up!

On The Legs: they’re micronet which means they’ll give legs definition. I always find that micronets do that to mine whereas fishnets are just for the design really. It looks dim when you’re in normal natural lighting, but the added sparkle makes the nets look slightly brighter, and when the light hits… well it’s a damn disco!


Let me also mention here that these hardly snag; I managed to pull it a few times on the corner of my desk (when I decided to sit on it and not on my chair) and I managed to pry them away easily without a single snag or rip!




My Thoughts?

I love these! I know I have a similar pair in holdups by Silky, but in tights they are even better! It doesn’t limit you wearing shorter dresses or skirts whereas holdups I like to make sure that my band is covered!

The quality is great, they hardly itch on the legs and they are just too damn good! Even though I wore these in the day, you can certainly rock these in the evening.

I know I mentioned about the waistband which is a downer on them, but even so they’re still great. I would just tighten it myself or just a small elastic belt around them to keep it up!


6 thoughts on “Gipsy Glitter Fishnet Tights

  1. Great review fishnets can give that classy look to a outfit. As far as lurex content it gives a little bling to one’s legs. Now weather it be fishnets or tights with lurex if itchy one can always wear a pair of skin tone sheer pantyhose under them itchy feel solved. I myself have lurex tights and have fishnet tights also that I wear when in my house just for a different fashion look.

  2. You look really nice in mono chrome with fishnets like to see your party dress and what tights you choose