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Gipsy Seamed Cuban Heel Stockings

Let’s change it up to some Gipsy Stockings for Day 4 of my Valentine’s week. This is another pair I have kept hold of for so long (around 9 months at least) so now was the perfect time to get them out to create a cute outfit!

I’ve done a pair of Gipsy Stockings before (only the 1 as I normally wear their tights more), so if you’ve missed that review then hit the link below (opens in a new tab):

Gipsy Lace Top Stockings

The Spec

Colour: Natural

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane

Price: £4.99

Website: Stockings Direct – Gipsy Seamed Cuban Heel Stockings

My Outfit

I paired up my fit and flare dress paired with some white/ivory peep toe shoes to create a cute date night outfit. I wore long silver drop earrings to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Stockings: Gipsy

Heels: Gifted (review coming soon)



The Review

From The Website: Gipsy make a great range of high quality products at a very competitive price point. A familiar brand in the UK, but made in Italy. Add a bit of Italian chic to your legwear.

We are loving Gipsy’s Seamed Cuban Heel Stockings for being a little bit different. They are 10 denier sheer stockings with a reinforced toe, sole and (Cuban) heel, but here’s the twist, the reinforced sections are a in a tulle (fine micronet) effect. The heel runs into the backseam and the soft welt top measures 3.5″/6cm.

Thumbs up to Gipsy for having a new take on a traditional/Retro look.

Type: Stockings
Denier: 10
Detail: Seamed, Smooth Top, Shadow Toe, Flat Seams
Composition: 88% Nylon, 12% Elastane


The Packaging: I do like how simple their packaging is. The front has the stockings showing through the front window and the back have very minor detail about the stocking inside.

When you get inside, you will find these wrapped around plain card and folded so you leg and foot shaping to them.


Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll, and then took my time getting them over the feet and anklets. Once I was past that, I could easily tug them up the legs and set them in place. As these are quite stretchy, you have extra bit of play room with them so you can sit them wherever you like on the thighs.



On The Legs: so if you see the 1st image below on the left, you can check out the colour difference. I did one bare leg and one with the stockings on so you can see the effect they have on the legs. They help to smooth them out and add a little colour to them as well. I didn’t expect tans or anything, but something subtle so it works with my natural colour.

And then you see what else I am working with. I have this lovely subtle backseam to them, which you can stop here and there. I normally do contrast seams when it comes to nude hosiery, but I liked the fact this was just slightly darker than the natural shade.

The fit of these were perfect for my legs and I had plenty of stretch to them as well to sit them quite high up the thighs. The feel of them were soft and pretty decent. I expected them to be a little rough to touch or feel quite cheap, but I can say I didn’t think that at all when I got my hands on them.

The quality of them are amazing too; they lasted me all day without any snags or rips. I wasn’t too sure how these would last on the legs, but I can vouch that they did a great job!


The Toes & Ankle: now here is where it gets interesting… well for me especially. I have never seen before on any hosiery I have reviewed, so I wanted to show you as much as possible what I was working with.

Now the toes have a mesh netting to them on the front, which then works into a sole piece underneath and then going into a cuban backseam. I thought it looked great and was so unique! This is where you can tell it’s reinforced so you should be ok with long nails here.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes to move and breathe, and the same goes for the feet. They weren’t to fitted so no pressure was added.

Around the ankles, it’s a lovely fitted finish too!



The Bands: are brilliant! I loved how thin they are and they hold up so well with no issues. I used metal clasps as I feel they are so much better than plastic, and these held on so well to these bands. They fit my thighs perfectly and didn’t stay stretched out once I took them off.

I gotta say these are great bands, no matter where you place them on the thighs. You could easily show them off if you wish, but I would say they would have more of an impact in black than nude.



My Thoughts?

Now these are a good pair of affordable stockings. They served me so well throughout the day and I had no problems with them at all! They do their job, they look great on the legs, and I would recommend them for sure!