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Gipsy Body Toner 8 Denier Tights

So here we have another pair of Gipsy (I bought these with the first ones I reviewed a while back but haven’t had the chance to get round to these ones!)

They are called the ‘Perfect Shaper’ Body Toner tights, and damn right they are!


My Outfit Today

So I went on a panda vibe today – I was trying to stay away from white and blue again, so white and black did it for me instead.

I did a sheer shirt with a skater skirt (a little too short for work – but hey it’s FRIDAY!) and my new studded court shoes to add a little edge to the cuteness of this outfit.

My Deets:

Sheer Shirt – New Look

Skater Skirt – H&M

Tights – via UKTights Online

Shoes – Gifted via Amazon


The Review

So pretty colourful packaging for such simple plain tights, but I do quite like it. It states everything you need to know at the front – they’re toners, 8 denier matt finish, run resistant and then the final image of the legs!!

It does have a detailed back – that’s where you will find that they are sandal toes and have flat seams too! You do have a little peephole at the top of the packaging so you can see the colour of them.

So when you get them out, you will see that they are nice and slim and leg-shaped at the bottom and then a fat top on them. that is where the body control comes in. At first I thought I got a larger size, then I realised that it’s supposed to be like that. I haven’t come across a pair of shapers that bulge out at the top before wearing them before so was new for me!

Now because I did my nails a glitter rose yesterday night, they aren’t smooth at the top so I had to use hosiery gloves to get these babies on so I don’t end up snagging them before they’re on my legs. You will feel that that most of the leg is easy to roll on (including over the anklets) but when the control top kicks in, it does become really tight.

I love the feel of these – silky, smooth and it feels like I’m just touching my legs. It doesn’t feel like I have tights on at all in these – not bad for 8 deniers!!! And surprising for being run-resistant as I thought they would have felt slightly thicker than normal. I am quite liking these!! And the sheer is absolutely stunning – in the light it looks barely black!

Now I’m not too happy that they are just sandal toes, but I have to say they are doing so well. I have been either in my flats or in my heels all day today and they have been amazing. Not to mention that that glitter is also on my toes and doesn’t have a smooth finish to it, so I was scared that I would end up having toe holes at the end of the day. So far so good!

I do have to mention that I have now got a snag after my nail swiped against my leg *real sad face here* – luckily it is right near the control top and nowhere it can be seen!


Overall Verdict?

I absolutely love them. a classic pair and not to mention that they are run resistant so for those of you who wear tights on the regular as I do, these are perfect! They’re a lovely light sheer so does in Summer and I can see these being long-lasting too!


4 thoughts on “Gipsy Body Toner 8 Denier Tights

  1. Classy pair of tights. I would have said 20den plus for these after seeing the header and IG photos but the last pic shows the sheerness lovely. Nice skirt too 😘 Pandas rock 👍

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