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Gio Seamed RHT Stockings

I know it isn’t the season to be wearing dresses like this, and nude stockings However, most of you know I don’t follow seasonal changes and just wear what I like!

This pair was kindly gifted a while back from my Amazon Wishlist.

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The Spec

Colour: Bronze / Black 

Size: Medium

Denier: Around 15-20

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £14.00

Website: Gio – Seamed Stockings

My Outfit

I teamed up one of my favourite maxi dresses with these stockings, and added my studded court shoes to finish off the look. I could have worn sandals, but I wanted to style them for work, and this just fit perfectly!

My Deets

Dress: Merribel

Stockings: Gio

Heels: off Amazon

The Review

From The Website: Our brand new seamed stockings are available in our 4 core colours – black, chocolate, bronze and natural along with our highly sought after pewter & barely black!

These 100% nylon stockings are produced on our original Pendolina knitting machines, and hand seamed on our Union Special cup seamers

The Packaging

Getting Them On: these are super quick and easy to get on, once you get them on your feet and past the anklets. I always take time just to make sure that they’re set on the foot, and the backseam is straight before I roll them straight up the legs!

On The Legs: I am absolutely crushing over this bronze colour with that black backseam. It works so well, and yes I would wear this pair all year around (regardless of the weather!) It works so well with my skin tone, and adds that lovely tan colour – which by the way looks super natural!

The quality of this pair was pretty nice, however I did have an issue with the backseam. The backseam doesn’t end at the bands; it has a small gap in-between it. It wasn’t a great big deal, but something worth noting down if that matters to you (like it does with me – GREATLY!) Apart from that, the quality was pretty great. I didn’t get any rips or snags in these at all during the day.

The fit of these were a little too big for me, but I embraced it. I don’t mind going one size up to create that vintage look; slight wrinkling, slightly baggy encasing the legs and they sit super high up. The small size does fit me perfectly, but I don’t mind switching it up now and again to one size bigger. I will note that these do stretch out to your leg shape, so when you next get back in them, they will retain that shape.

The feel of these are super silky soft and feel incredible against the legs. They don’t irritate the legs at all if that is a concern for you. They hug the legs well, apart from the knees and ankles in my case here.

Oh I forgot to mention that I have added flash onto some images, so you can se these have a subtle shine to them!

The Toes & Ankle: once again I added flash onto some images to show you what I was working with. There is a lovely difference in colour and there is an incredible shine to them to really enhance your look. Around the toes, I had plenty of room, to the point my toes could never feel cramped or pressured in them. I also have a darker reinforcement going across the toes and around the heel (I mean they need to be there for them to be authentic RHT Stockings lol).

As you can see in some images, the backseam starts right from the toe seam and works its way up the legs. It’s important to make sure it is straight here otherwise it will easily be bent out of shape whilst you’re in them.

Around the feet and ankles, it is a lovely finish with a few wrinkle touches.

The Bands: here is where you can see the seam doesn’t finish where it should. It is half way through the reinforced strip instead of ending at the welt.

The bands itself are super soft, super smooth and they sit right at the top of the thighs on me due to the larger sizing. I didn’t mind this at all as I knew my bands would certainty not be on show at any point.

I will also note down here – on the right image, you will see there is a small hole in the stitching. This was no issue for me, however I did notice this when I first got them on and was worried it might split! Another missed part in their quality control.

My Thoughts?

Certainly not a bad pair at all, considering I went a size larger than usual to create that vintage effect to my outfit. I loved the colour, I loved that contrast backseam and I loved the overall finish. I was a little disappointed in the unfinished seam and that small hole in the bands – but apart from that, I would happily recommend!

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