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Gio Contrast Seamed Stockings (Blk/Red)

Slipping into another pair of Gio Seamed Stockings, and this time I am feeling super Christmassy. This is the perfect pair for this time of year, and yes I decided to dress like Christmas Day! I do love me some pure nylon stockings, especially when I feel like dressing up.

This pair was also gifted from my Amazon Wishlist a little while ago.

The Spec

Colour: Black / Red

Size: Medium

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £14.00

Website: Gio – Contrast Seamed Stockings

My Outfit

I paired a dress that was gifted to me a while back, with some red slingback court shoes to really make the stockings and outfit pop. I added some gold jewellery and kept my hair messy to finish off the look.

My Deets

Dress: Gifted Off Amazon

Stockings: Gio

Heels: Onlymaker

The Review

From The Website: Our brand new contrast seamed stockings are available in 3 colours – bronze with black seam, natural with black seam and black with red seam.

These 100% nylon stockings are produced on our original Pendolina knitting machines, and hand seamed on our Union Special cup seamers

The Packaging

Getting Them On: okay so not a good start I will say; these came with a few snags to them which I was super sad about but we shall make sure no more occur! I did my scrunch and roll with gloves on, taking care going over my anklets to ensure no snags formed. I slowly rolled up the legs and then started spotting some snags along the way! These ones below I was super frustrated about!

On The Legs: now these are a size larger than what I would normally get, which is fine with me as I wanted few wrinkles with this outfit to really give it a vintage feel. I would have opted for Small if I wanted a more fitted finish with minimal wrinkles. This also meant that I could sit the stockings higher up the legs as well, rather than mid-thigh.

So the snags were a big issue for me today; I had them everywhere and with a denier this thin, it shows up a lot. I wanted a super smooth finish on the legs, but unfortunately ended up with a bit of a snag mess instead. I will say this pair snagged a lot very easily, and I am not too sure why as previous pairs I’ve tried have not been this bad before! Maybe it’s a quality issue this time round!

The fit of these were a size larger, as I mentioned before which I didn’t mind. I would always recommend opting for your own size, but if you was unsure or just wanted to try a size larger, there is no harm in doing so. I like it from time to time to recreate some vintage looks and styles

The feel of them were super soft, and lovely to touch. They glide on the skin so well, and they don’t irritate either. I really did enjoy being in them, however the quality was an issue today.

The Toes & Ankle: so this time I don’t have the backseam falling at the front of the toes like I did last time (the Gio Silver Sparkle Backseam Stocking) however there is a slight amount of the seam which isn’t sewn down and just pops up slightly. It wasn’t too much of an issue, but something worth noting if you’re wearing sandals or anything with an open toe that it might stick out of.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and a huge amount of reinforcement for the toes. I felt the cap was a lot bigger on the front and back of the toes/foot, to the point it was covering all the toes and was working slightly lower too. This would make it hard to wear with sandals if you was to line up the reinforced toes with the toe straps.

The heels are also reinforced, however as this was a larger size, it meant that the heel cap sat a lot higher up the ankle rather than around the heel on my foot. That is something worth noting if you do opt for a bigger size.

The fit around the feet and ankles were fine, it was a smooth and semi-fitted finish as it did start to wrinkle by the end of the day. I also did manage to really snag he feet p with my heels, which I was no impressed with!

The Bands: nothing bad worth writing about here! I felt the bands were great and there were no issues. They clasped on well, and sat up all day without any issues. I found the seam to be better on the back of this pair as well; I’ve found they tend to sit 0.5 inches below the band rather than right up against it. This looked a little better, which I am happy about.

This also comes with a reinforcement strip, before it works into the 15 denier on the legs. The bands do also stretch out to your thigh size, so you won’t feel they are squeezing you. They do open up and then stay that shape for when you get them on next.

My Thoughts?

So a little better than my last pair, but still not wow’d by them. I felt they quality still lacked, but never mind. I do like the contrasting seam to these, which worked well for my outfit. I would recommend if you get a good pair and not one that came with damages and issues!

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