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Gerbe Sensitive 30 Semi Opaque Stockings

So I am totally looking forward to this; not only is Gerbe a new brand in my collection, but I got them from a new stockist based in the UK!

I am so psyched to be trying Gerbe as I have heard so much about it; being a luxury-like brand, made in France and know for their quality. One thing I really do love is a damn good pair of hosiery on the legs; it makes all the difference and truly does stand out of the crowd.

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– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small (4’10” – 5’5″)

Denier: 30

Materials: 83 % Nylon, 17 % Elastane

Price: £21.00

Website: Mayfair Stockings – Gerbe Sensitive 30 Semi Opaque Stockings


My Outfit

Mixing it up a little with my monochromes; I wore my checked cami top tucked into my highwaisted bodycon skirt, added a black cardigan (as it’s chilly), suede court shoes and a splash of colour with some pink!

My Deets

Cami Top: Tezenis

Skirt: H&M

Lipstick: Mac Marsala

Stockings: Gerbe

Shoes: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Following on from the success of the Gerbe Opaque 70 stockings, come these semi-opaque stockings direct from Paris.
They have a 30 denier appearance and look beautiful, but they also have the renowned Gerbe luxury fit, providing unrivalled comfort. The stocking top is flat, ensuring it remains invisible under the most close fitting of outfits.
The stockings are pictured with the Gerbe Sensation Suspender Belt in black.

Complimentary hand wrapped in tissue and ribbons
French stockings
Semi-opaque, 30 denier
Flat stocking top
Invisible reinforced toes
Gradual support comfort fitting on the legs
83 % Nylon, 17 % Elastane



The Packaging: so let me go into detail about how amazing these came wrapped! Individually in a cute chiffon drawstring bag. I gotta say it’s damn luxurious!

So the front shows the model wearing the stockings, with the back going into slightly more detail:

“Founded in 1904 by Stephane Gerbe, the brand GERBE has built its reputation for excellence on essential values; a production 100% made in France, a unique “Savior Faire”, high quality material choice and hand made “Haute Couture” confection providing unmatchable comfort, painstaking verification throughout manufacture and a final control of each item.”

Getting into the packaging, you get this gorgeous smell from the stockings. That real nice new hosiery type – like Trasparenze has!

These are horizontally folded, so you get the foot and leg shapings to them making it easier to glide them right on.

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Getting Them On: so rolling these up are so easy to do once you get over the anklets. I took my time to get them on with my hosiery gloves as I wanted to make sure that these don’t get ruined before my day has started. I gotta say they glided right on up, and stayed in place once set with clasps.


On The Legs: right so let’s get down to business…

The denier I found it quite dark to be a 30 – it works well don’t get me wrong but 30 is still quite sheer. I suppose this depends on how much it’s being stretched on the legs (or not!).

The quality of them really did let me down. I found after 30 minutes of wear that I came across snags, weird markings on the stockings, ringed outlines, weird pulls. I was seriously shocked when I saw as I have heard so much good about Gerbe as a brand. And to find that they look like this on the legs is a real disappointment – seeing as I really took my time to get them on making sure that I wasn’t ruining them.

The fit and feel of them are great though; a nice smooth silky finish on the legs with a real great matte look. They hugs curves very well and stretch where they need to giving good coverage on the legs.

I’m still really upset about how these turned out…


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are all good; plenty of wiggle room in them which is always a nice thing when you’re in them all day long. I don’t think these are reinforced as there is no strip going across the toes to show any reinforcement.

Around the ankles … I’m gonna let that bottom right picture say all it needs to… and how much that really wound me up during the day. Think I was in court shoes ‘flaunting’ this around rather than a lovely smooth flush finish.


The Band: okay so just as I think things are gonna get better (and they actually did)… I find that the band is actually fits me so well! These are super stretchy meaning they are gonna give you an amazing hug.

The bottom right picture shows you how much I stretched it from my leg, and the left picture shows you how snug they look on the thighs. These are a proper lovely thick band, which makes these more interesting than your typical stockings band you get.



My Thoughts?

For the denier and how they look on the legs – I would recommend.

For the snags and weird markings all over them – I wouldn’t recommend.

This has been an interesting review as it has many good points, but the thing with the markings on the stockings really did let me know and looked like some cheap pair instead of this high-end brand!

Sorry Gerbe but I gotta say I was not impressed!

3 thoughts on “Gerbe Sensitive 30 Semi Opaque Stockings

  1. Not that I wear stockings but would think that Gerbe being a high priced brand would have a better quality. But for the reason of the weird markings these would be a no way.