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Gerbe Parisienne Diamond Pattern Stockings

I just realised I am creating quite a few evening-out outfits on the blog more than usual… not that it’s a bad thing but I just realised as I was starting to write this blog that I have done a fair few recently.

Anyways here we have another glamorous pair of Gerbe – this time in stockings!

The Spec

Colour: Black


Denier: Around 20

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Price: Unknown

Website: Amazon – Gerbe Parisienne Diamond Pattern Stockings

My Outfit

I decided to go all chic and pair up an oversized blazer with my stockings and heels. I wanted to do a dress underneath but opted out at the very last minute.

My Deets

Blazer: Primark

Stockings: Gerbe

Heels: Lost Ink



The Review

The Packaging: now these are looking amazing right now! The packaging is all luxe looking and I cannot wait to get into them!

When you do get in, you will find these folded neatly around thin card to keep them from wiggling around.

My images will explain a little further…


Getting Them On: I got out my hosiery gloves and made sure that these went on as smoothly as possible, without any snags occurring whilst I get them on.

These are fine going over anklets as long as you take care before you start rolling them up the legs.



On The Legs: well these are looking pretty damn good aren’t they?! As soon as I saw the packaging to them, I knew these were gonna be great!

The quality of them are amazing; they are lovely on the legs and I can say these didn’t snag or rip at all during the day. I don’t feel there is much different between this pair and a pair you could pick up for half the price, so I suppose you are paying for the brand name here really. Don’t get me wrong, they feel and look fantastic, but I mean the way they felt, the texture of them and the style is not that unique.

The fit of them are true to size, with hardly any stretch to them so I would make sure that you check sizing before you purchase a pair. I found that these are really hard to pull further up the leg compared to pairs I have tried in the past, so I would take extra care ordering your size.

The feel of them are super silky and really smooth on the legs, which I love. I felt so comfortable in them and they are so silky against the skin too when you push them down and pull them back up.

The design is really nice; a nice little twist on polka dots where you work with diamonds instead. I did a pair of Gatta Fancy Fantasia 03 Tights which had diamonds instead of dots, and they looked fabulous! With the polka diamonds working with that band, these stockings are a real gorgeous piece!


The Toes & Ankle: once again the toes have that weird part to them where they become super sheer like they aren’t a part of the hosiery! I mean it is super weird and I can’t get over it!

Around the toes, there is plenty of room for them to move about and not feel any pressure put on them. The same goes for the feet and the ankles; they have enough room and the stockings sit comfortable around this area.


The Bands: now the bands are super great and real comfortable to wear. They are more of a cotton-like material rather than nylon which means you will get amazing grip. They sit so nicely on the thighs (no matter how thin or chunky they might be) – they adjust to them and stay that way the whole day.

I sat mine quite high up the legs, but they stayed and didn’t give me any issues at all 🙂




My Thoughts?

Even though these are pricey, I would still recommend them as they are a lovely pair. I do feel that there isn’t much difference between this pair and others that are very similar on the market, so I would say shop around before you purchase.

Otherwise I felt these were lovely to wear and looked amazing on my night out too!

4 thoughts on “Gerbe Parisienne Diamond Pattern Stockings

  1. Nooooo I’ve just lost my place counting the diamonds on your stockings 😞
    I’ll just have to start counting all over again 😉😛

    Love those golden rays of sunshine dancing around the gorgeous contours of your legs 😍