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Hello cheeky! Yes I am pairing a mini skirt with suspender tights – I know I never do this but I wanted to give it a go. I normally wear longer dresses or skirts as I’m nervous about it showing, but I felt confident enough that this wasn’t going to happen to me today.

I got this pair gifted for my birthday a while back, and luckily they are still available to purchase. See the info below I managed to get hold of for you all.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 1

Denier: 20

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Price: £35.00

Website: Leglicious – Foly Suspender Tights

My Outfit

I went semi casual with my look today. I paired a simple t-shirt with another new skirt and added my t-bar shoes to finish the look.

My Deets

T-Shirt: New Look

Skirt: Gifted via Amazon

Tights: Gerbe

Heels: Office

The Review

From The Website: Gorgeous sheer black 15 denier matt tights with built in suspender belt.

Reinforced toe
90% Nylon, 10% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: it was a little tricky this morning. As I don’t wear this style often, I always have to take a minute to figure out how to get these on without getting myself tangled up and twisting it all over the place. It did happen, but I got there eventually.

I did my usual scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care of my anklets and going up the legs. I did tug to begin with but loosened my grip as I went further up because I saw I was left with extra material near the top. I did push them down slightly to even it out.

On The Legs: let me just talk about this smooth, sheery goodness you are seeing below. I love Gerbe for this reason, as they have this gorgeous sheer finish that looks and feels flawless on. It doesn’t look cheap, it doesn’t feel cheap and it makes my legs look great.

The quality I will say lacked slightly for me. I felt these snagged a lot easier than my previous pairs, and I had to be super careful in them since I got my first one this morning. Normally they withstand it quite well, but it doesn’t seem the case with this pair.

The fit was true to size, and I felt I had enough stretch and material to get even leg coverage. I did tug up a little more than I should have, and was left with some gathering around the strap. I did try and push it down a little, but then ended up with uneven coverage in some parts, so I just left it where it was and got on with my day.

The feel is super smooth and really lovely on the legs. I keep coming back to Gerbe for this reason because they just feel amazing when you’re in them. I didn’t have any irritation or issues with the materials either.

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, which I managed to snag as well on my left foot. I like the fact these have a long toe seam, which covers the toes well at the top. The reinforcement is invisible, so it is hard to tell below where it ends.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes, and no pressure was added during my wear either. Around the feet and ankles, it’s a smooth fitted finish.

The Waistband & Gusset: now this is where I can’t expose too much! As you can see these come with a suspender strap with a scallop lace design. The strap and the lace border around the tights did rub slightly on my thighs. I felt it was a little tight at times, especially walking in the heat. I did have to adjust a few times during the day, but apart from that no other issues occurred.

The suspender part is quite lovely. I like the scallop shell design with the floral lace that really makes them luxe. This is elasticated so it is stretchy around the waist. It sits really well on the waist too, without it feeling restricting. It also sits in place, and I didn’t feel it slip down at all.

My Thoughts?

I’m in a love/hare relationship with this pair. I love the look, but the quality was a little off this time. Overall I do like them, but it did cause me some issues today…

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