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Gerbe Carnation Seamed Stockings

So this blog makes me happy already, as I am finally back in Gerbe once again. I have a gorgeous pair of backseam stockings, which were kindly gifted from my wishlist a while back.

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £52.98

Website: Amazon – Gerbe Carnation Seamed Stockings

My Outfit

I haven’t done polka dots in a while, so I wanted to go all out with it today. I paired up my high neck top into my high waisted jersey skirt and added some open toe polka dot sandals to finish off the look. You can always switch it up to plain shoes or sandals if you prefer, but I was feeling my outfit today!

My Deets

Top: Adrianna Papell

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: Gerbe

Heels: Dorothy Perkins




The Review

From The Website: Vintage look as product contains no Lycra.10 denier appearance.The authentic fully-fashioned nylon stockings with back seam and embroidered heel… In three words:fascinating, mythical and sensational.

Sheer matte
Back seam
100% Polyamide
Embroidered heel
100 % Polyamide


The Packaging: I gotta say I do like their packaging; it reminds me of Wolford a little, but with a vintage-type look to it. You have the model wearing the pair on the front along with the brand name, size and colour. When you flip over, you will find a little more about the stockings along with the sizing guide, window and composition.

When you’re unwrapping your way through, you will find these beautifully wrapped around card that has a tissue coating. It obviously comes with foot and leg shaping to them.


Getting Them On: so let me say you need to treat these with special care; the are super soft and so delicate to touch. I made sure I wore my gloves so I didn’t end up damaging them by mistake.

I took my time to get them over my anklets and rolled them up the legs to set them in place.



On The Legs: I’m gonna start off by saying there is gonna be wrinkles, there is gonna be some loose-fitting shots, and there is gonna be some amazing close ups. I wanted to forewarn as some people despise this, but I wanted to give an intro before I get into it.

I have to say I love how light the denier is on the legs, with a bold backseam. It works so well and looks absolutely stunning. It’s like a barely black finish on the legs, and work so well with my skin tone.

The quality of these are amazing; that is what you pay for with Gerbe. I have never really had an issue before and I certainly didn’t today. The great thing about Gerbe is that you ever get cheap quality, and it certainly shows on the legs.

The fit of these are my size, even though they are looking a little loose on the legs. I thought it would be quite fitted with minimal wrinkles, but I got a loose fit with wrinkles, especially when my legs are flat. I don’t mind at all to be honest as you get the full vintage effect, but this is something to watch out for if you order a pair.

The feel of these are amazing; they are soft, they are smooth, they feel divine and I just don’t wanna take them off to be honest. They are a good quality pair of pure nylon stockings. They also won’t irritate the skin either as the material is not itching or irritating in any way.


The Toes & Ankle: one thing I notices is that the toes are different on this pair compared to others I have reviewed previously; we are no working with this plain reinforced toe!

So we have this lovely cap toe, which works under the foot and up the back of the ankle. I like that the seam starts from the toes and works its way all the way to the band. This isn’t something you will feel when you’re on your feet.

I had plenty of wiggle room for my toes and there was certainly no pressure added either. You will also see that I had a lot of bagginess around the ankles and feet, as the feet were quite wide for me.



The Bands: I have a lovely welt to work with on this pair; one with a reinforced strip under it as well for added effect. The backseam works right to the cut out hole that you will see at the back (my clasp is hooked into it).

I did notice though, that on one leg the stitching was a little off; it didn’t line up correctly. Luckily I am not showing off my bands, but I wasn’t too impressed with how much these cost and you get this.

I sat mine quite high as I had the room to do so, and also if I sat the any lower, it would be super baggy on the legs. These fit the thighs so well; they open up as they need to and stay like so each time you get into them.

The welts are soft and really silky smooth, so make sure you have a good suspender belt so the clasps can grip well onto them.



My Thoughts?

I think this pair looked stunning, but it was a little big for me considering this was supposed to be my size. I loved the denier on them and they way they looked on the legs. Apart from some negative points I mentioned, I would still recommend these but make sure you check the sizing guide well before ordering.

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