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Gerbe Azur Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings

How happy am I that I am back in some vintage stockings once again after such a long time? I got these beauties from eBay when I spent around 3 hours hunting for some in my size.

The bad thing is that the sizing on Gerbe is totally different, so I had to Google my size in France and work back that way. it took me a while, but I got there in the end and found these beauts.

The Spec

Colour: Grey

Size: 8 1/2 – Small (UK Shoe Size 3-4)

Denier: 15

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £3.39

Website: No longer available

My Outfit

I wore my cream bodysuit paired with my statement skirt and added Mary Jane type heels to finish off the look. I normally pair with white or other greys, but this time I wanted to change it slightly.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: Gerbe

Heels: gifted via Amazon

Lippy: Mac Touch



The Review

The Packaging: now as these were from someone who was selling a few pairs, they weren’t in the actual Gerbe packaging, so basically I was going with the flow when I purchased them. it does tell you the size on the gold tab but that’s about it.

When you get in, you will find these flat folded around really thin card (almost paper like) and ready to get on. One thing I did love about these is that little Gerbe stamp on the right leg. I love it when proper vintage nylon stockings have that on there; a little statement piece of their own.

Oh let me mention that I did find a little snag before I got them on – right in the band!


Getting Them On: I gotta say I was super nervous getting these on. These would be equivalent to a UK shoe size that I ain’t (These would be UK 3-4, whereas I am 5-6) so I was praying they would be ok!

I took my time scrunching down and then rolling up the foot and ankle. It was a little tight to start off with, but it was fine after. I have to admit these don’t have any stretch in them, and they certainly are taut on the leg. As I opted for a smaller size, they will sit perfect on you but making your legs a little hard to move about. It’s not a massive issue, but I needed to be taking smaller steps instead of big strides and careful when crossing my legs so they don’t pull too much.

Over anklets, these were fine before I forget to mention that!


On The Legs: just beautiful! I have missed these dearly and I can see why; I missed that pure nylon touch more than anything!

The denier was perfect to wear for this time of year; simple leg coverage with enough skin shining through so it’s not totally grey-ed out.

The quality is just brilliant. I have had no issues at all, and to be fair I feel that as they were taut against the legs, it didn’t give the hosiery a chance to catch onto anything.

The fit is just right to be honest; I thought it might be tight on the feet but it wasn’t at all. They were fine around the ankles, around the knees and on the thighs. I did find them slightly clenching the thighs to begin with, but once you start wearing them in, it loosens it slightly so it wasn’t an issue in the end.

The feel of them are just to die for; silky, smooth and just superb! I loved being in them and the fact that I had a proper fitted pair on for the first time ever was a change.


The Toes & Ankle: as I mentioned before, these had enough wiggle room for the toes so they don’t get cramped. There was no extra material on the sides of the feet either which helped. They were caressing the feet well and I had no problems at all.

Around the ankles, I did expect some wrinkles, but as these are pulled right to the top and held up well, I didn’t get any at all!


The Bands: they’re simple but just gorgeous. They were lovely and thick, so silky soft and were transparent so it flows nicely into the stockings.

The clasps gripped on super well, which I was pleased about and I had no issues at all during the day. They were fine to take off and put back on.

As I mentioned before, I love the Gerbe ‘stamp’ on the right leg, which I did not mind at all. I had to try and hide it at times whilst I was sitting!

Around the thighs, they held up well and didn’t become as loose as I thought they would (considering they would have been stretched out a lot) so I am super pleased about that. obviously they couldn’t sit any higher due to the size, but if I went one size up it would be able to.



My Thoughts?

I am so glad I got my hands on a pair of these. I loved being in them every minute and the best thing … I have another pair to be reviewing soon!

6 thoughts on “Gerbe Azur Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings

  1. Good morning Soni,

    This review is top of the bill,your legs&feet in these beautiful vintage nylons are the best to take a look at,for admirers of legs&feet in nylon!Thank you gorgeous to show us all this beauty,you’re looking stunning in ff nylons.Maybe even better,when you had put on your strapy killer heels from yesterday😉
    Have a beautiful day fully fashioned Goddess!

    Greetz Andre😘