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Gemini Mall Fishnet Bow Socks (White)

Now is the time to bring those cute socks out to play in this heat. I am so glad I can get to do them now rather than pushing them aside. This cute pair was gifted by a follower some time ago, and I also have the same in black which I will be reviewing tomorrow 🙂

The Spec

Colour: White

Size: One size

Denier & Materials: Unknown

Price: £0.89p

Website: Amazon – Gemini_mall® Fashion Trendy Socks Women Lace Fishnet Net Plain Top-Ankle Short Socks with Bow

My Outfit

Let’s get all floral; I wore my floral mult-coloured kaftan paired with white leggings and I added my white peep toes to finish off the look. I could have added flats to make it uber cute, but then I thought let’s stick with heels this time.

My Deets

Kaftan: New Look

Leggings: Next

Socks: off Amazon

Shoes: Simmi Shoes



The Review

From The Website: Trendy Sexy Fishnet Style – Giving your legs a skinny and unique appearance.

Mesh Socks Ankle High – Black Fishnet Socks
One Size – Fits Most
2017 Trendy Fishnet Socks
Soft and breathable
Multi Way Stretch for Ideal Fit



The Packaging: as these have probably come from China, you won’t get much to it. These came in a small plastic package with a brief description of what’s inside … And that’s it really.

When you get inside, these are folded ready to get on. I did notice that the bow was dirty when I got them out the packaging – what the heck?!

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Getting Them On: these aren’t as elasticated as you think they might be. I had to be careful not to stretch the band too much as I felt it might have ripped, so do be careful here!

I once again did my scrunch and roll with these to make sure I set them so they’re comfortable to wear. Sometimes these can twist (depending on how they’re made) so it can become uncomfortable during the day.


When They’re On: they look adorable! I love how cute they made my outfit look!

The denier I am unsure of, but these are a pretty thick net, so they should withstand a fair bit and not rip so easily.

The bow at the back just tops it all off to be honest; I love how cute they make it look. It beats just having an average plain band to sit on top of the nets.

The quality of these are pretty good to be honest; I have not have any issues whatsoever with these during the day!


The Toes & Ankle: one thing I do like is that these have the small micronets around the toes to give that extra support so they don’t start ripping. I know they probably don’t work with peep toes like I did, but if you don’t mind it, then go for it.

These have plenty of room for the toes, which is great and the band doesn’t lose any elasticity (I don’t think it has any in there to be honest) so they won’t come falling down the ankles.



My Thoughts?

For 89p, you seriously cannot go wrong with these you know. I love the way they look and I think they are so adorable. One to dress up or down like I did 🙂