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Gatta Velvet Touch 600D Tights

I’m gonna start off by saying not a lot of you are gonna agree with my outfit today. These tights are the MOST THICKEST DENIER I OWN by far and I wore them as leggings today with a cropped hoodie!

I was gonna pair them up with a dress, but then I thought as they are super thick and not see through at all, I wanted to create another look with them instead.

Now let me get back to the MOST THICKEST DENIER I OWN by far – and that is right! I have never come across a pair that is more than 200 denier before, so I am super keen to try these out and see how I go.

I will say that I spent a long time in them; from 9am to 11pm with an outfit change in-between it all so this will certainly be a good review!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 600

Materials: Unknown

Price: £21.03

Website: More Tights – Gatta Velvet Touch 600 den

My Outfit

My first outfit in these was a cropped hoodie paired with my platform glitter Dr Marten boots. I wanted to dress not-so-girly today as I had errands to run and needed comfy clothing instead.

My Deets

Jumper: Firetrap

Tights: Gatta

Boots: Dr Marten



The Review

From The Website:

Denier: 600 den
gusset: no gusset
Colour: black
occasion: daywear / winter / work
toe: invisibly reinforced toes
transparency: high opaque
fabric: poliamid / microfiber
matt: matt
panty area: none marked area


The Packaging: now the packing on these was very well done. It comes in a box, but the front of it is all open, and the way the tights are folded is so you can feel inside of them as well as the outside. I thought that was a great idea as you can see what you get before you buy it (or even take it out the box).

The back goes into a fair amount of detail of the tights and when you get in, these are folded nicely inside.


Getting Them On: well let me say how surprised I was when I got these on. From the toes to the ankle, this is a opaque denier (say 60-80 maybe) and from the ankle to the waistband, it’s fur lined and super thick so you can’t see anything no matter how much you try and stretch them out.

I did think that was an amazing idea as you would have really thick covering on the feet which would make it hard to get in to shoes and boots!

These were fine going over anklets and getting them up the legs. I will say it is a little hard to do the scrunch and roll with these, but I tried my best and then pulled the rest up.



On The Legs: I gotta say these are the comfiest tights I own by far. Not only did they keep me warm, but they are so good to be in all day long. I didn’t think they would keep me this snug all day long – and trust me when I say that these are the perfect winter tights if you love thicker deniers.

The quality of them are amazing; they are so thick there is no sheerness at all to these. That is why I chose to wear them as leggings rather than under a dress or skirt because I knew I would be fine going out in them like so. I can say these would be so hard to rip unless you literally went against something sharp to do so. You won’t have any issues in these let me tell you. They have served me so well all day!

The fit of them are true to size, however I did have a little issue with them slightly falling down around the gusset area. I will explain this a little further down for you. Apart from that, they have been an amazing fit. I had enough room in them to stretch them up the legs (just to test it out) and they hug so well. I didn’t find a lot of gapping around the legs, but a more fitted look.

The feel of them are so soft, I love it. They are so smooth and so soft on the legs (both inside and out) I can’t preach anymore about them!


The Toes & Ankle: now I mentioned before that the feet are a thinner denier than the rest of the legs and I thought that was a brilliant idea. You can hardly tell to be honest when you get them on, and especially once they are on the legs.

Oh and the best thing about these is the toes are reinforced – WOO HOO!

The feet has plenty of breathing room without overheating and and the same goes for the toes. They don’t have any pressure put on them during the day and they are comfortable around this area.

The ankles don’t wrinkle at all, and to be fair I am so glad they don’t. The higher denier you go, the more wrinkles you’re gonna get but that’s not the case here with the way Gatta have done this pair.



The Waistband & Gusset: now the band on these are nice and thick, but also hug so well. They don’t squeeze you either, which I quite like. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that they have a leggings fit to them even though they’re tights.

These sit just above the belly button on me, which I quite like and then it’s fleecy all the way down the legs. Now the only downside here is that these did keep moving around and falling down slightly. I have no idea why as the band is not loose at all, but every time I was walking for a little distance, they would hang down slightly so the seams were not against me at all and had 1/2 inch gap from my skin and the tights.

I did add some images below so you can see how thick they are and how well they are lined inside.

Also these don’t have a gusset to them; it’s just a seam so worth noting…



My Thoughts?

I am so amazed at how brilliant these are! I loved being in my pair and I would certainly recommend for winter weather and cooler days for sure. I think they are brilliant!