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Gatta ‘Tan’ Socks

Now bring on some cute socks – it’s been a while since I have done a pair and to be honest I have missed them. When you don’t wear something enough, it becomes harder to pair outfits together. I always find this when I do sock reviews – it takes me a while to get dressed compared to hosiery.

This cute pair was gifted a while back so I am glad these are finally on the blog being reviewed!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size

Materials: 83% polyamide, 17% elastane

Price: £2.85

Website: Amazon – Girls Womens Fishned Ankle Socks”Tan” Gatta – one size

My Outfit

Let’s do a work outfit this time. I went with a shirt tucked into my satin skirt and added my suede court shoes. You can also do open toe sandals or peep toes if you wish to really create a rebel look, but I wanted to keep it chic so I stuck with my court shoes.

My Deets

Shirt: Jennyfer

Skirt: H&M

Socks: Gatta

Shoes: Dune



The Review

From The Website: Wonderful ankle length, black and fishnet (large net) socks. Best quality and flexible. Very elegant and glamorous.

New in original packing – Fishnet – Black – Ankle length
One size fit UK 6,8,10,12. Foot size: 23cm-27cm
83% Polyamide, 17% Elastane


The Packaging: these came in the most smallest box ever! The box was squished when it first arrived so I had to push it back into shape again so I could show you properly the front and back.

I will let the images below do all the explaining for me as to how they come and when you get inside 🙂


Getting Them On: these are easy to get on, but so much easier when you pair hosiery underneath. I kept it bare legged so the focus was on the socks rather than my layering.

When wearing hosiery, your feet will slip right in, but when you don’t your toes can get stuck. To help you out here, just do a little scrunch and roll like you would with hosiery and you shouldn’t have any issues.


On The Feet: as you can see these are looking great and I have had no issues whatsoever being in them all day long. They don’t hurt when pressed against the skin, the material is so soft and stretchy so you can pull these up as high as I did or keep them low.

These won’t rip as long as you look after them well, and depending on your footwear too!


Around The Toes & Ankle: let me first mention that ankle band. It is amazing and has held up so well all day. I wore my socks higher than the ankle to test it out and the band never once fell down after all the walking I did as well. You can sit these high or low, and I can tell you now that the band won’t let you down here!

The toes have a more closed knit effect so they act as reinforcement before they work into the larger net. You can see these images above.



My Thoughts?

I gotta say I love these. The quality is great out of all the fishnet socks I have done in the past and I can see this pair lasting me a while for sure!

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  1. Hello Soni,your fishnets socks review of today is awesome,I did like it very much and wish you a beautiful day Goddess👣
    Thank you gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘