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Gatta String Comfort & Brigitte Comfort  Underwear (Double Review)

And once again we are here with another review – except this time it’s a double one!

I thought it was best to just condense it all down into one as they are exactly the same as one another with a few variations!

Spec For String Comfort

Colour: White

Size: Small

Materials: 85% polyamide, 13% elastane, 2% cotton

Spec For Brigitte Comfort

Colour: Beige

Size: Small

Materials: 85% polyamide, 13% elastane, 2% cotton


The Review

String Comfort Brigitte Comfort
The Packaging The packaging is the same for both; they show the front and back of the underwear on either side, along with little details stated on the slimmer sides. The size and colour is stated at the top where you get into it.

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Getting Them On So they are both easy to pull up without any hassle. They have the same slide up the legs and they sit flush against you (talking about the cotton gusset here!)
When They’re On The string you find that the front is a lot bigger than the back compared to normal thongs, but it actually looks great once they’re on giving full frontal coverage (and perfect if you haven’t done your bikini too!).

You will notice that these are seamless – so when they’re on, they are so seams that pop out a little on you so perfect for bodycons and fitted clothing.

The brigitte you know which way is which to be honest; the one thing I do like is that these are high waisted which is great for tights as they sit on the same level as one another, so if you find bands being irritating, these are perfect to wear underneath. One thing I would have liked if these were control top as a benefit and I wouldn’t complain too much if they were not-pretty-looking!

These do have seams on them, which you will find slightly show through bodycon and fitted clothing.

Comfort Factor I have to say that these sit really nice on. Even though they’re a small and not X-small, it’s not a great big deal to be honest.

These just feel like you’re not wearing any and allow extra room around your waist (in terms of it’s not tight fitting!)

The string at the back sits lightly in your tushy line, and it doesn’t tug up or anything so there is no feeling of a wedgie occurring! Normally with thongs, you can get some that you can feel sit a little uncomfortable in the tushy line, but I can’t say that for these!

Even though they look like ‘WTF’ – these are comfortable and you actually forget that they reach up to your stomach. The amount of times that I pulled up and realised was amazing.

One thing I will mention is that these aren’t too great if you’re a naturally hot person; when you sweat, it starts to move away from you slightly leaving you feeling a little uncomfortable and always having to readjust yourself.


Brigitte Comfort








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String Comfort




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My Thoughts?

I am loving the string to be honest; it’s does more for me that the brigitte do. It’s comfortable, seamless and it works with a lot more than the brigitte do.

With the brigitte, I feel that they were way too ‘grannified’ for me – in terms of the look. they felt great on, don’t get me wrong and they are perfect to wear with tights as they sit at the same level, but they really don’t look attractive at all. And the fact that they cover most of the bum but then tucks itself in, is just a no no for me! Either sit flush or just go away!