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Gatta Silver Party Nais Tights

Now a lot of you will have seen this collection as posts on my Instagram (with no blog to accompany them – sorry) … Well I thought I would do a review on a pair for you considering lurex tights are so in right now!

I had got these from Gatta directly, so I have searched the internet to try and find a purchase link for you all below. They are currently available but I don’t know for how much longer!

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The Spec

Colour: Black / Silver

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 63% Polyamide, 32% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Price: £2.75

Website: Amazon – Gatta Classic – 20DEN Nais – sexy Patterned Tights With A Subtle Glitter

My Outfit

Remember that dinner that I forgot I was going to? Well this is what I threw together for it and it worked pretty well. I added a red lip just to give it a little more than being all blacked out.

My Deets

Playsuit: Zara

Tights: Gatta

Heels: Lost Ink

Lipstick: Bourjois



The Review

From The Website: The eye-catcher at every party and not only… the Gatta Nais Classic there. The tights caresses your legs and the giving it a very feminine and sexy design. Material: 63% Polyamide, 32% polyester, 5% Elastane

Elegant Ladies Tights with an amazing design
The eye-catcher at any party
63% Polyamide, 32% Polyester, 5% Elastane
wash by hand
Material: Lycra satin Sheers


The Packaging: now as a lot of my posts have been promo on Instagram, I never got to show you what the packaging looked like. They all came how it is seen below with the design flashing through the large window at the front and detailing at the back. There was no model on any of the packaging to show you what it looked like on the legs.

When you get in, you will find the tights wrapped around plain card and folded so there is no foot or leg shaping to it.


On The Legs: well let me say they always look super stunning with that glitzy shine! I love the fact these are 20 denier which means not only do you get sheerness to it, but you also get this gorgeous glamour look too!

The quality of these have never let me down, and to be fair they are pretty hard to damage. I managed to get a snag as my keys went right past them and just touched my thigh (this was after my shoot) but even then, it isn’t visible until you look up close.

The fit of these are true to size and they hug the legs so well. There is also a nice bit of stretch to them as well. I would make sure you check the sizing guide that you get a pair that works for you rather than opting for a pair smaller as these only stretch so much.

The feel of them are a little rough, but they aren’t as bad as you may think. A lot of the Gatta ones I have done lately all feel really good on the legs; they don’t irritate or itch constantly and they are quite smooth inside.

Without the flash on, these do look quite dark on the legs, so the flash really does brighten them up – which means they are perfect to wear to parties, any light and bright events or just somewhere where they can twinkle away.


The Toes & Ankle: as you can see below, these aren’t reinforced at all. I found that they are just sheer to toe so you will need to be careful with long/sharp nails in these. I kept mine semi-short and was fine being in them all night long.

There is plenty of wiggle room for the toes to move, and it’s a lovely fit around the toes, feet and ankle. You get this gorgeous lurex shine right from the toe seam working up to the band, so you can pair any footwear with these!



The Waistband & Gusset: I really do apologise as I forgot to take my waistband shots for  you all!

What I will say is that the bands on these are exactly the same as other Gatta bands I have worn before; the same type of hug, the same type of look and the same comfort. The lurex works right to the top so you can wear anything that is short with this pair and still look great!

I can’t say that it was itchy around the waist or lower as these were pretty smooth inside.

The gusset to these are a small palm-sized piece and is made out of cotton-like material so you can go commando if you wish.


My Thoughts?

I love my pair! I think these are divine and look so good on the legs without spending a fortune. You can wear something simple and really transform it with a pair of lurex tights! I think the quality is great, they look amazeballs and they fit so well too!

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  1. Omg. You look so Hot and Sexy in anything u wear. Love the look on these pantyhose. You have such sexy pantyhose feet. Please keep the Pictures coming.