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Gatta Silver Chic Tights

Ooooooo grey! I have to admit to you I really do struggle with greys. I know it sounds silly, but my head just goes beserk with outfit ideas with colours and styles I currently don’t have in my wardrobe! It really annoys the life outta me, so I have to make do with my standard wardrobe and try to improvise!

So with this review, it is pretty basic (yes I know), but it’s something that can be worn to work or made into a casual. If you have any ideas then please send them my way – be my inspo!

Once again, it’s not on Gatta’s website so I managed to pull them from eBay for you all!

The Spec

Colour: Melange Grafit / Greyish Silver

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 46% Polyaimde, 36%Poliester, 18%Elastan

Denier: 40

Price: £9.13

Website: eBay – Gatta Silver Chic 3D Comfort Classic Collection 40 Den


My Outfit

Before anyone says anything here, I know the boots don’t fit with the weather at the moment, but being the first time I’m doing this type of grey, I wanted to match up slightly than having to go with black shoes!

I wore my white simple tie-dress, along with my fluffy Aldo boots because they’re so damn funky! You can easily wear this for Autumn to be honest – just add a scarf or maybe a cardigan to it… And bam! Sorted!

My Deets

Dress: Jennyfer

Tights: Gatta

Boots: Aldo


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The Review

The Packaging: okay so these are pretty interesting. The front shows the style of tights that you’re getting inside and the back is just the same as the rest of the Gatta range!!

“Elegant women’s pantyhose obtained from the innovative combination of 3D yarn with glossy polyamide, to give a glittering melange effect”


Once you get inside, you find these neatly folded flat, so there is no right or wrong way to get them on!


Getting Them On The Legs: so I have to admit I was a little rough with these only because I wanted to trial them out – I just pulled them up the legs instead (and pushed down the anklets) and they were fine! No snag, no catching! You instantly can see the silver shimmer in them which looks mega cute!



The Toes: okay so these are pretty thick but then again you don’t have to worry about nails poking through or anything! I actually did have long toenails here, so you can see that the tights are still intact after a full day’s wear! These aren’t reinforced but it’s all good with the thicker denier!



The Waistband: okay so it’s the standard waistband of Gatta’s – it’s pretty slim and it holds up really well. it sits just above the belly button, and it does’t dig in at any point during the day no matter what you do! I didn’t find these slipping down me at any point either which I was pretty conscious of as they are quite smooth!



The Denier: okay so honestly I found these weird at first and it was so hard to pair them up with something to wear to work. I ended up finding outfits that would work on a casual vibe! But i love that these are quite thick, but sheer, and they have that glimmer in them to make them look more solid – does that sound right? It’s a hard one here because they are supposed to have the 3D look to them, and I think that they are achieving that because I can’t get the words out right now!

I would maybe wear these for A/W coming up as you can dress these cosy or make it amazingly fashionable!! It’s that type of grey that anything goes!




My Thoughts?

I’m actually a fan! I find it weird as grey I always think ‘What do you wear?‘ but with these, I know I can actually style these a lot more than other greys I have done in the past with Gatta.

What I do truly love about these that I didn’t mention before is that if these snag, you cannot tell! I managed to catch these so much during the day, and I could not find one little snag anywhere on the legs, so they are damn good quality!

I would certainly recommend them for sure!


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