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Gatta Senza Dita Tights

And the question that follows “What is that then?” – basically I am talking about nude toeless tights in this one! I have to say that name doesn’t give away much unless you’re Italian!

I have a done a toeless pair before in Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights which turned out really good! I was a bit hesitant as it does look so weird on, but when you get those shoes on, it’s the perfect thing!

 You can get your pair right from Gatta here > Sanza Dita Open Toe Tights

My Outfit

Well this is a new one for me – I am in a maxi dress this time going to my best friend’s civil wedding! As the weather has been up and down lately (and when I wore these it was freezing), I decided to get them on to keep me warm in a sense and make my legs look a lot smoother!

I went with my peep toe silver sandals with these and then my shawl just to give it that elegant finish.

I have to say a big thank you to Afsheen and Natasha Malik for doing my hair and makeup on the day – I normally don’t do makeup, but this just looked amazing and worked so perfectly for the day!

My Deets:

Maxi Dress: Via eBay

Shoes: Simmi Shoes

Earrings: Via eBay

MUA: @afsheenmalik

Hair Artist: @natashamalik3

The Review

Before I begin, this little blurb was taken from Gatta’s website:

Thin tights with open fingers, made of fine yarns with LYCRA® braid 10 den satin to the touch, with a thin panty portion. Protect your feet from blisters in the outdoor footwear. The thin part of the waist increases comfort during hot days. Tights thanks to stitch between the fingers remain in place during wear. They are available in several flesh-tones that subtly underscore the coloof the legs and are not visible on the nod from.


Once again, the model is half drawn but it shows a really nice clear image of the tights at the front. One thing that did confuse me; a lot of Italian words at the front of the packaging. I’m not gonna lie, but it did take me a while to see the English translation under each sub-heading:

Open toe tights. For open toes shoes. Protect feet from blisters. Invisible, thin waist part

At the back, it shows the sizing guide, along with some blurb written in multiple languages:

Women’s tights perfect for open-toes shoes, made of Lycra Satin Sheers yarn.”


The Toe Area: or what is left of it?! I got to say that these are so comfortable on the feet and especially around the front of the foot. What I sometimes worry most about is that stitch between the big toe and the rest of the foot; you probably think it will hurt after a while. Well I can say that it actually doesn’t – it’s a right comfort fit no matter how much you stretch these back!

You can notice the slight shade difference but it’s nothing too major unless you’ve got really pasty skin! I got these given in the colour ‘Dune’ – which I think will suit more light to olive skin tones.


Working Up The Legs: is so lovely and silky soft. I won’t say that these are ultra-silky that your legs slip off one another but close enough! It’s a lovely thin denier which you can hardly see (and we’re talking 10s here) and it just makes my legs look amazing; it smooth’s them out giving it that make-up effect on the pins! And those veins are slightly covered too, so they’re not so visible to others!


I do love that these are 10 deniers – makes it perfect for summer and for those who enjoy having bare legs than wearing tights; these are the ones to go for as it gives that ‘nothing on’ look! Well it certainly did with me from afar!


The Fit: is just the best thing ever! They hugged my legs all day and have not let go once! I don’t know if these would be a good idea in hot weather as the last thing you want is hosiery clinging to your legs, but these are just amazing and have not moved at all! The gusset sits flush against me, and the elastic around the toes have sat perfect under my shoes all day as well!


The Waistband: is a decent on as I have found with the other few that I have reviewed previously. However I did notice that these actually did roll over slightly, but then again I am working with a lighter denier than the ones previously. It’s snug fitting and hold sup really well throughout the day too!


Overall Thoughts?

I really do love these pair! They’re a lovely colour which works with my skin, and so affordable as well compared to the Wolford Luxe 9. Seeing as it’s supposed to be getting hotter, these are definitely coming out to play with my open toes sandals for work!


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