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Gatta Discrete Seamless Tights

Oh look who it is? Gatta is making a bit more of an appearance aren’t they? Slowly working their way onto my page once again!

So today is a nice sunny day, skies are cloudy but I see the blue and it’s time to finally start dressing a little more Spring/Summer appropriate! I hate having to wear clothes that scream Winter, so I’m a little happier today!

Now just to let you know that I was shooting in different lighting, so you will see some images with flash added, some without and some looking quite pasty as that’s all daylight.

The Spec

Colour: Golden

Size: Small

Denier: 15

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: £9.05

Website: Amazon – Gatta Discrete Seamless 15 Denier Tights – brand new


My Outfit

Now remember I did a similar outfit around Christmas; well this time I made it more bolder and summery with a white tank top paired with a glitter gold pencil skirt and I added my chunky platform heels to create some length. I also added my thin blazer to make it more work-appropriate and not like Imma go out partying!

I left my hair down and added small studs once again as I wanted to keep it quite low key.

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: New Look

Blazer: Jennyfer



The Review

From The Website: Gatta® discrete 15 denier seamless tights, Item. Innovative Ladies Tights seamless thanks to special seamless technology.

  • The tights because it’s part of the seamless Höschen invisible under the thermal Outerwear wear
  • Seamless Tights with a comfortable waistband
  • 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane
  • Hand Wash Only
  • High
  • Discrete
  • Brand new Innovative Ladies Tights seamless thanks to special seamless technology
  • Care Instruction: Hand Wash Up To 40 Degrees
  • Gatta® discrete 15 Denier seamless tights


The Packaging: so the front has the half drawn half real model wearing the hosiery on the front so it gives you an idea what they are like when they are on. The back only goes into a little detail along with hosiery care, sizing guide and the other little extras:

“Innovative seamless women’s tights achieved through the use of special seamless technology.”

When you get inside, you find these neatly wrapped around cardboard, subtly shaped to the feet and legs.

I decided to take loads of pics of the waistband before I got them on so you can see what they are like. I was so intrigued by them that I actually couldn’t wait to get them on!


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On The Legs: so getting these on (and making sure you are wearing those gloves) are so easy. These are shaped to your feet and legs, which means you can tell back from front so you get the right fit.

I would advise taking care over anklets and not rush to put them on as they are pretty delicate.

Once they are on, you see this instant tan look which I totally love! It has such a beautiful shine to them, and with a popping skirt (or dress) this will look amazing during the day. I would say these are defo summer tights to get that shine and winter if you want to cheer yourself up!

Now when the flash hits, these become something incredible. They remind me of Falke Shelina 12 Tights that I did some time back with such a stunning shimmer to them.

The denier is once again great for those who are looking for the bare leg / nude look because they actually did look like I wasn’t wearing any today. With 15s, it’s quite nice as you get a lovely thin coverage which can be enough to make it look like your legs have got make-up on them to make them look flawless!

The feel of them are super soft, but I won’t say completely smooth; only because of the shimmer they have, it does feel ever so slightly grainy. Nothing that would feel horrible on the legs, but something to just point out. I mean not all hosiery can be like the CdR Eterno with smooth finishes and glossy shines!

The quality of the hosiery is amazing; no snags, no pulls, rips or ladders either which I am pleased about. Even then, because they are pretty much skin tone (if not a shade darker) you won’t be able to tell unless you run your hands down it or look right up close!



The Toes & Ankle: around the toes these sit flush and don’t budge once you have set it. The seam has stayed put all day without moving, there has been plenty of wiggle room in these and overall, they have been good to me!

Around the ankles – no crinkling, no creasing, no wrinkles, no nothing. It has been a nice smooth finish so I didn’t have to keep on looking down to see if my tights needed pulling up a little.



The Waistband & Gusset: now this is interesting … AND I LOVE IT! It has got to be the best band I have come across. It’s unique, it’s different and it actually works.



It states that it’s seamless … And that is correct. Under my tank top, I couldn’t actually see where my tights ended.

It states that it’s supposed to be comfortable… And that is correct too! It has got to be one of the bestest ones; I haven’t felt it on me throughout the whole day and it’s one that doesn’t hug you like you think it would. Don’t get me wrong it stays up damn well throughout the whole day and doesn’t lose any elasticity either.

I love this whole concept of it, and purely on the band alone, I would recommend these! It’s just this thick chunk of material which is super soft and so elasticated but fits so well once it’s on you.

Anyways the gusset … There isn’t really one. It’s this weird patch in the middle which I suppose is the reinforced part of the hosiery working into the band to keep it supported.


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My Thoughts?

I am in absolute love; these have got to be one of the best affordable designs I have come across in a long while. The band is just amazing and that was the main selling point for me, and then with the added shimmer on the tights is just incredible.

The quality is fab, and the colour is well suited to the legs despite it looking pasty in some images that I took! I really do think these are great.

I would certainly recommend!

2 thoughts on “Gatta Discrete Seamless Tights

  1. Great review these tights have a great look about them. Have several pairs of the Gatta brand hosiery never been a disappointment and always been of great quality.

  2. It’s that beautiful warm, shiny, golden glow that I find irresistible on a woman’s legs.
    They look amaaaazing 👌😍