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Gatta Satti Matti 50D Tights

I know it probably isn’t the weather for 50 denier tights, but seeing as I was intrigued by these (and the weather was pretty crap) – I thought I might as well.

Another reason I wanted to wear these was because of a skirt I am pairing them up with; I bought it from Primark (I normally despise this store) but me and my friend went in one of the days and I walked past, and I just had to get it. I haven’t seen a skirt like that before, and I thought it would be perfect for work (as well as wearing it casually!)

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 50

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 14% Elastane, 1% Cottin

Price: £7.50

Website: eBay – Satin Soft Gatta Satti Matti


My Outfit

So I have already mentioned the skirt (and the story behind it); I paired this with my low cut crop top, dark deniers and my new shoes! They had literally arrived the same morning, so I had to switch from my black boots into these

I left my hair down and just added studs. I could have worn a necklace, but the choker I wanted to pair with it I’ve lost in the room somewhere so had to make do with a bare neck!
Even though I have dressed this pretty smart-ish, just know that I wore this into town and not to work! I really didn’t know what top to put with it and my logo t-shirts were in the wash otherwise it would have been one of them!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: seeing as I couldn’t find it on the Gatta website, eBay always comes in handy:

“Gatta Satti Matti Tights are the perfect accessory for the colder months, at 120 denier, you’ll feel stylish and warm! Made of innovative LYCRA 3D yarn,soft and velvet to touch.These tights will add some serious style to any wardrobe.

Offer a completely opaque leg look at a great price.

Perfect for going from day to evening wear.

Material: 91% Polyamide, 9% Elastane”


The Packaging: like most Gatta packaging, it shows the drawn model wearing the hosiery along with text in another language at the front, and at the back it has more info about them:

Stylish, matte, covering women’s tights made of innovative 3D yarn, soft and velvet to touch.


Getting In & On: when I was taking these out of the packaging, I noticed how smooth and silky they felt. I didn’t expect that from a pair that screamed ‘Matte Tights’. They felt thick and soft and I actually couldn’t wait to see what they were like on; you can get some sheer-like and some really dense ones.

“I have to say that these were sheer-like to a certain extent but did give good leg coverage – I’m saying this to those of you who have hair on their legs, veins, uneven skin tones etc. It does cover them really nicely.”



On The Legs: I didn’t have a problem with these at all during the day. I was in them from early morning until 10pm at night (longer than a working day) and they have been as good as gold. They hug the legs so well; they just cling into position and you don’t get those weird stretchy parts where the ankles are or under the knees either. I don’t like it when it does that; I prefer hosiery that hugs and emphasises your legs including the bends!


The Toes: no issues here either. They’re not reinforced, but then again the denier is high enough to withstand pressure up to a certain point. They shape to the toes nicely and the seams stay put all day without budging.

The Waistband: is a lovely hugging one. This sat just under my belly button (I pushed them down a tad so you can’t see them under my skirt band, and they stayed put all day. I have to admit I didn’t get to pull these up and down a lot (water is normally limited when I’m out and about) so I couldn’t really test them out like I normally do. But what I did notice was how comfortable they felt on and I actually forgot I had a waistband around me at one point!



Weird Markings: will not be a problem with these. Sometimes you get weird lines or markings on thicker denier tights, but you don’t notice that with this pair. They’re a decent quality pair!!!



My Thoughts?

I really love these. I know these are my 2nd pair of 50 denier in a short space of time, they are so good. I won’t say they’re better than Le Bourget, but they’re just as good as! The quality and feel are slightly different, and these are slightly more darker opaque than sheer so it works well for a lot of people!

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