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Gatta Rosalia Microfibre Tights (White)

Bring on Day 1 of the Gatta Rosalia collection that I have to show you all. Now this will be treated as a picture blog more than anything so please bear that in mind before you start scrolling down.

I will write little comments here and there, otherwise happy scrolling!

I will be using a previous review as my main ‘Go-To’ blog, so please refer back to the link below for an in-depth review (opens in a new tab):

Gatta Rosalia Microfibre Tights

The Spec

Colour: Blanco (White)

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Price: $17.00

Website: Gatta – GATTA Rosalia Microfiber Tights 40 Den

The Review

From The Website:

Classic and elegant, opaque matt solid color tights
Extremely soft and comfortable on the inside, perfect for the cold days
Made of soft microfiber weave
Non-irritant, non-allergenic
Without toe enforcement
Manufactured in/imported from Europe

40 Den

92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane (Lycra)

Care Instructions
Hand wash only (recommended)
Or machine wash in a hosiery wash bag


The Packaging


Getting Them On


On The Legs

Let me just write a little something about the colour here. I have done a few white pairs before, but I have to say these are my favourite. I love how they have a little sheerness to them but still have that bold whiteness coming through on them.


The Toes & Ankle



The Waistband




My Thoughts?

I think these are a gorgeous white pair. They look amazing on the legs and being a thinner denier from what I have previously done, it works better for me

3 thoughts on “Gatta Rosalia Microfibre Tights (White)

  1. Not an absolute fan of opaque matt solid colours, if I’m honest, as they cover up the magic of what they are hiding.
    But… the sharply contrasting shoe colour and delicious shape of the legs carry them through beautifully.
    You really do have the knack Miss Soni 🙂

  2. Great legs Soni and these white tights look magnificent love your review of these. I myself have several other brands of white tights some matte others glossy plus I love wearing all colors of tights no matter the color.