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Gatta Paola 47 Tights

Now let’s bring out the darker deniers as it’s been some time (even though I was in them a few days ago!)

It’s not been so great here at the moment, with the weather not making up its mind, it’s hard to figure out what to wear. And plus it makes a change as well. Don’t get me wrong I love my light sheers and nudes, but sometimes just a nice opaque pair is enough!

The Spec

Size: 2 / S

Colour: 40 denier black / nero

Price: unknown

Link: unknown


The Outfit

Let’s bring out the darks and a statement skirt for this one, seeing as I’m feeling a little on the dark side so why not dress like it too?

I got this skirt off eBay brand new as it was an unwanted gift (for 99p) – you cannot go wrong, so it’s out to play today along with my bodytop that was gifted ages ago by a follower and I paired up with my black heels just to finish off the look.

At the mo, my hair is just doing its own thing, so the swept back look works perfectly along with my subtle statement earrings from Satori!

My Deets

Top: gifted via Amazon

Skirt: H&M (but bought off eBay)

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: Gifted via Amazon

Earrings: Satori Accessories


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The Review

The packaging is once again to the point at the front on the model. It shows the design which works up the side of the legs along with the back stating everything you need to know about the hosiery:

Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastane type yarn, matt.


The first thing I noticed when getting these out of the inner packaging is that they feel quite delicate for a 40 denier, so I got the hosiery gloves out just in case. I always tend to check the legs in lighting before I put them on and I found that these were already slightly snagged on the left leg. I got them on and then saw it starting from the knee and then another on the thigh.

“I wasn’t impressed!”

Once I had got them on, it was hard not to keep staring at the snags. It’s such a horrible way to start your day seeing that happen!


The toes on these are nice and sheer, with the design starting from the baby toe and working right to the top of the band. These aren’t reinforced so those long toenails will need to be careful. Mine are pretty long right now and need a trim for sure, but I have had to keep checking to see if they’ve ripped my tights – luckily they haven’t!!



The waistband is a lovely sturdy one once again – held up nicely all day and not budged at all. I thought these might fall down slightly as they don’t have a lot of elasticity in them like the other pairs I have reviewed, but they have been ok and been sitting flush against me all day without a fuss.

It’s a nice sized band – not too thick or thin, but nice enough to be in all day.


On the legs I have to say I’m not too keen. When I was getting these on, I saw the quality drop. Even though they’re supposed to be a matte finish, these just don’t look great. They feel nice on – lovely and smooth and soft, but to the eye it looks like a cheap brand. I have worn tights like this in the past where I have paid like £2.00 for them and expected that type of quality, but I think Gatta could improve with this pair.

I understand that they’re a darker denier, but I can’t say I am too keen on the materials used for this pair.


The design on the other hand is a lovely touch on the hosiery, but it would be a lot better if it was on either a slightly darker matte or if they were on a lighter denier.


Now during the day I found that these have fallen into place, and actually look more appealing to the eye. It has smoothed itself out so doesn’t look like a cheap pair and is now crinkling in places. I found around the ankles and the knees it sits fine but when you bend your legs, that’s when the crinkles come out.


Overall Thoughts?

Apart from the quality, I do like these tights and think they look super cute and would add to any outfit its worn with. It’s a shame that I had a rough start with them as first impressions count to me, but moving past that, these are a lovely pair with a gorgeous design.

Thanks Gatta but I don’t think these ones are at the top of my list!

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