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Gatta Open Feet Toeless Tights

So I am a fool I have realised. I was supposed to have scheduled this blog in like 2 months ago, only to realise I deleted what I thought was a duplication! So here it is – 2 months later finally reviewed and up!

These were bought from Amazon by a follower – and I thought they would be perfect to do for work. I’ve done a pair before of Wolford, so if you fancy a read, just hit the link below 🙂

Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless Tights

The New Green Shirt with Wolford Luxe 9 Toeless

The Spec

Colour: Daino

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane

Price: £6.49

Website: Amazon – Toeless Open Feet Sheer Summer Tights Gatta 20 Denier New

My Outfit

I wore a new top of mine (I don’t know why I love it so much) – yes it’s double layered like that – paired with a bodycon skirt and I added my peep toe booties!

My Deets

Top: Forever21

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: off Amazon

Lip Colour: Kat Von D – Vampira



The Review

From The Website:1 pair of Gatta “Open Feet ” 20 den sheer toeless Open Feet TIGHTS. Sheer toeless tights. Perfect for wearing with open shoes and flip-flops

The tights for open shoes
Open foot tip and verse
90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
Garment Care: Hand-wash only
Sizes: small 5’0″-5’4″, hip 34″-38″, medium 5’4″-5’7″, hip 38″-42″, large 5’7″-5’10”, hip 42″-48″


The Packaging: so the packaging is one of Gatta’s old designs it seems (I say this as I have seen both old and new packaging of theirs to make this comparison) with the model at the front and the back goes into more detail about them, along with hosiery care and the sizing guide.

When you get in, you will find these flat folded around a piece of card, ready to get on.


On The Legs: so I have to say I wasn’t too fond of this colour on the legs; the images below make the legs look great but the colour I found didn’t really work with my legs in normal lighting. I felt they made them look ‘slightly’ dirty.

The denier is perfect for summer, but obvs not so much for winter. It’s also great as it gives you a lovely smooth finish on the legs, so it actually looks like you’re not wearing any.

The quality of these are real good; I found them to be durable, they had no rips or snags in them at all and I can say I see these lasting me a while. They are thicker than the Wolford Luxe 9 review I did but it isn’t a bad thing if you’re after something a little sturdier.

The fit and feel of them are true to size for sure, so do make sure you’re buying ones that will fit your size. The feel of them are super soft and really smooth on the legs, which  I do like. These are a semi-matte finish so you do get a little shine to them but not much.


Around The Feet & Ankles: now the toes – well lack of really. These are open toe, and the difference with these are that you don’t have a toe post bit to the hosiery – these sit half way on the foot which makes it a little difficult for some sandals.

I found these super comfy on the feet and not once did I feel like they were riding up or falling down further, so a bonus point there. These are elasticated before I forget to mention that.

Now around the heel – as you can see it’s the stirrup style – so the heel is cut out to basically fit your foot and keep them in place so they don’t move. I thought this was a great idea and this combo works perfectly with cut out peep toe booties like the ones I am in today. You have the best of both worlds showing off those toes whilst wearing hosiery!

If you can see below, some of the images where my shoes are on – you can hardly tell where the hosiery sits on the foot.

Oh and around the ankles, you get a nice smooth finish too!


The Waistband: the waistband there isn’t much to say apart from how well they sit on the waist. They hold up the tights really well during the day and they don’t roll over itself either so you don’t get any deep marking from it.

They have plenty of elasticity in them, and after some tugging and pulling, it doesn’t lose any elasticity either 🙂



My Thoughts?

If you can still get your hands on a pair, these are a good bargain. I love the way they fit and feel on the legs, the toe-less part does its job well and overall I am super pleased with them.

The colour not so much as it doesn’t really work with my skin tone, but nonetheless, a good pair!

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