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Gatta New York 01 Leggings (Navy)

So we have another set of leggings to review and these ones I am very nervous about, so I decided to wear them at home and added a pair of court shoes when I went out. I know they are a bit OTT for the outfit, but seeing as I had a pair of matte shine leggings on me, I thought I might as well just go for it!

Seeing as these aren’t available on the official Gatta website, I will pop the next best link for you to purchase.

The Spec

Colour: Navy

Size: Small

Denier: 100

Materials: 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane

Price: £22.00

Website: Gatta Women’s Gatta Leggings New York 01 Skinny Plain 100 DEN Leggings


My Outfit Deets

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins

Leggings: Gatta

Shoes: Aldo


The Review

The Packaging: It came inside a box, neatly wrapped. The front of the packaging shows the model wearing them in black, and the back gives you more info about the leggings:

“New York 01 – matt leggins (spelling error here). Thanks to the use of polyester yarn combined with elastane, they perfectly fir the body, highlighting the shape of your silhouette.”


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Inside & On The Legs: these are easy to fold out and the creases come out super quick so you don’t need to panic about the lines! You will find that you need to scrunch and roll these on as these are super fitted. I thought these would be pretty big on me, but it turns out that they are super slim fitted!



The Waistband: is a nice one actually. It’s just a tad bit loose but then again it’s nice that it isn’t too tight on the stomach. It sits just under my belly button and stays put all day. Now just remember the underwear (if you wear any) will affect how these hold up. I wore full briefs as I knew these would just slip down if I wore less underneath.



The Look & Feel: I have to admit is very different to normal leggings. When you first get them on, they’re smooth as anything on the legs. When you start to walk, they do make a shuffling type of noise so it’s one that you need a wide thigh gap for so you’re not chaffing around! They do stay up really well, but I wouldn’t advise wearing them in hot weather as I don’t think you’ll be able to get your legs out of them.


They are right when they say they shape your outline, but not so good if you have a small bum being emphasised – hence the long jumper covering mine as it made it look smaller than it actually is!


My Thoughts?

I really like these, but would actually rock them in the evening rather than the daytime unless I’ve got somewhere dressy I need to be. I love the look and the quality as it is much better than the cheaper version you can buy. They don’t get damaged as easily either – some in the past have expanded a lot and you can tell where the materials has been stretched out, but with these they haven’t done that (yet!)

What I do like about them in the shading difference they have with the light; one minute they look dull and more subtle and the next they can look super vibrant and shiny!PhotoGrid_1498912802174

2 thoughts on “Gatta New York 01 Leggings (Navy)

  1. I really really love these and the pairing with those heels!!! you are an absolute vision to behold!!! <3 <3 <3