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Gatta Nadette

And I am once again back in net – only this time they are net sheer tights! And I love the concept of it!

My Outfit Today:

I kid you not when I say I went through 5 outfit changes in the space of 10 minutes! I could not decide what I wanted to go with and I ended up going all black with a white jacket and my grey peep toe booties!

I wanted to do my culottes however it just made me look stumpy and didn’t end up going, so this had to do!

Cami Top: New Look

Bodycon Skirt: New Look

Peep Toe Shoes: New Look


So let’s begin:

You can’t really fault Gatta’s packaging – they are always good! They show the model wearing them with an outfit (if you need ideas) and have all the info you need at the back of it.

I even got to know what they have reinforced toes on them before I unwrapped the tights.

Instantly you can feel how soft the material is on these and how silky they are before you stick your leg through them!

They’re easy to get on over anklets and stay on them too, but I would advise to lift it over them as mine slightly snagged near the knee when I was trying to get it over the anklets. Not a wise move!

The waistband is nicely fitting on these too and just sit around the tummy – not too high or low.

These are sheer from toes to waist! Happy days!

I love the look that they create – they add that edge onto an outfit instantly and the shoes I paired with them are just *bites hand*

I really do like how the design sits on the heel of the feet. I rarely do this and don’t normally wear tights with peep toes or where it shows the heel of the foot – I had a lot of people looking today too!

And the best part is that I don’t really have any blah points to say apart from snagging!!

Would I recommend? Head nod.. Head nod.. Head nod!


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