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Gatta Monica 20D Tights

As part of the new Gatta collection, I am so happy to finally get my hands on a good few pairs to review. I thought I would start off with some plain black sheers and work my way through them all for you! Fingers crossed I get them done by the end of the year (LOL)!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 88% polyamide 12% elastane

Price: £12.44

Website: Amazon – Gatta Monica 20 Microfibre, Jacquard with Bel Unterhose

My Outfit

I paired my black cami with my white shorts (I ended up tucking it in rather than leaving it out) and added some colour to the outfit with my boots. I did wear a kimono which did incorporate the yellow, but I left it in the car (as per usual). I glammed it up with a fancy necklace and studs too, but you can always change that for a drop necklace or a choker.

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Shorts: River Island 

Tights: Gatta

Boots: New Look

Necklace: Gifted



The Review

From The Website: Gatta Monica 20 microfibre, with Bel jacquard underwear macchinose tights women microfibre with a thickness of 20 DEN. With a jacquard phantasievollen and small gusset. Tights made with a spandex, Transparent yarn, Satin Finish, with reinforced briefs and schlüpfer. macchinose tights women microfibre with a thickness of 20 DEN. With a jacquard phantasievollen and small gusset.

Gatta Monica 20 DEN
Very pleasant to wear
Transparent, halbmatte by the of the type elastane thread Women’s tights with reinforced Mieder Notebook.
Material: 88% polyamide 12% elastane


The Packaging: now silly me go tall excited to get these on that I forgot to take a picture of the packaging for you. These show the model wearing the pair, emphasising on the bikini brief design. When you get in, these will be folded around plain card, ready to get on the legs.


Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll up the legs, and then shimmied the rest up the legs and set them in place.



On The Legs: I gotta say I love the way they look, especially with that amazing matte finish.

The quality of these are pretty decent; they lasted pretty much all day without any rips. But I did manage to snag these in a few places, which sucks! Luckily they stayed as small snags and became nothing more.

The fit of these are perfect for my legs; I had plenty of stretch and they hugged them so well. I would recommend checking the sizing guide if you’re unsure.

The feel of them are so soft and super smooth on the legs; I got complimented so much on these during the day, even though they are just a plain black pair. It just goes to show what a good quality pair of tights can do for you!


The Toes & Ankle: the toes are not reinforced as far as I am aware, so you will need to be careful with long or sharp nails here. They have plenty of wiggle room as well, and no pressure is added during the day either.

Around the feet and ankles, these have a lovely fitted finish and are looking all super smooth and gorgeous!



The Waistband: now I will show you little bits of the panty design which these have on the front and back. They are mainly on the edges where you would get a panty outline.

The band itself is great; I never normally have issued with Gatta bands as they do their job and certainly don’t roll down to create lumps and bumps under your clothing. These sit around the belly button on me, and stay there holding up my tights all day long without any issues.

The panty part is also reinforced as well, which is a bonus for those who choose not to wear underwear with their hosiery.

These do have a palm-sized gusset to them.



My Thoughts?

For a plain black pair of tights, these do their job well. I loved being in mine and I would certainly recommend them to those who are after a good quality pair which does last.

4 thoughts on “Gatta Monica 20D Tights

  1. Lovely review These are something I would love having to wear. Have in the past have bought several pairs of the Gatta brand all have found out to fit and feel great on

  2. Dear Soni, it has been a while but you’re my best moment of the day. Personally I like you wearing black nylons. And this hits the spot. Thanks for sharing.