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Gatta Michelle 15 Holdups & Baccardo Skirt

So this review is more about the holdups itself, but I will add in bits about the skirt as that is from Gatta itself.

I bought the holdups from DressMyLegs a good few months ago, and only had the chance to review them now, and I thought it would work perfectly with a Gatta skirt!

 The Holdups 

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 1-2 / XS-S

Materials: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane

Price: €8.95

Website: Michelle 15 Denier Sheer Triple Band Hold-Ups by Gatta 

The Skirt 

Colour: Multi

Size: Small

Materials: 93% polyamide, 7% elastane

Price: Unknown

Website: Unknown


My Outfit

I have to say I really love this outfit – I wore a bodysuit (gifted y a follower a while back) with this skirt and finished it off with my holdups and my court shoes!

I left my hair down, and added a double choker to this outfit to dress it a little more. I was going to leave it, but thought the low neckline looked too bare!

My Deets

Top: Gifted from Amazon

Skirt: Gatta

Holdups: Gatta

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Chokers: Boots / Independent retailer


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The Review

Seeing as I want to talk about both of them, I thought I might as well just double up on this:






The Packaging 

The front of the packaging has the model wearing the holdups and the back of them state the info , sizing and little key points about the holdups:

“Stockings for ladies, self-supporting, made of braided Lycra type yarn, transparent, matt, an elastic lace is sewed on in the upper part.

So this gorgeous item came packed in a box. At the front it shows a model wearing them and at the back it gives you all the info about the skirt and the sizing guide. You get the small window at the side of the packaging.








Getting Inside 

You will find the holdups neatly packed around a cardboard piece. Getting them on I would recommend hosiery gloves as you don’t want them snagging. I pulled mine a lot higher than the model wears as I wanted to test out how they hold up with pressure on the legs all day.

These are neatly packed and folded, so you won’t really need to iron it. I left mine hanging for a day or two and the creases just fell out themselves. To be honest it’s that type of material which doesn’t hold creases for long.

Getting it on was just a wiggle and job done!






The Band 

The double silicone bands on these are fabulous. I spent the whole day in them with the band sitting right under my bum, and there was no sign of any pulling or pressure anywhere. They have a strong hold to begin with, but by the end of the day, it had lost some stickyness, so you may need to invest in some roll on adhesive designed for holdups!

The only thing I will mention is that these do leave marks on your legs after wear, so be mindful!

I’m sad to say that this isn’t a good-fitting band on me. The Gatta Small is quite roomy, so I would certainly be an X-Small in their clothing line. Even so, it’s still sits above my hip bone and hasn’t budged much. I suppose it depends on the top you’re wearing underneath and if you choose to tuck it in or leave it out.








The Toes 

The toes are sandal, which is perfect if you’re wearing them in summer or for a night out. Unfortunately I don’t have any nail varnish on at the moment as I’m giving my toes some breathing space, but the colour would have popped right through!! The seams on the toes sit perfectly at the back of them and don’t budge the whole day!






The Feel & Look 

I love the way these look on my legs; I notice that matt does wonders for my legs! They are soft, smooth and very nice and sheer. There isn’t patches anywhere on the holdups which is always a good thing, especially being stretched to the max! The denier I just love as well; perfect for that minimal coverage if that’s what you’re after!

I have to say I really am digging this skirt – I love how statementy it is, and it’s perfect for summer too. It’s not one that really clings onto you so that’s even better!

I love the way it feels; it’s such a smooth and silky touch, but the downside is that it can catch onto almost anything and bobble it. So you will need to be careful not to hit anything sharp or rough!







The Quality 

I love the quality of these; they have lasted so well all day without a single snag or rip and I am chuffed. They can take the pressure of them being pulled for the whole day, and that is what gives it the 10/10 for me! I won’t say that the denier isn’t thick or too thin, but it’s just right and you do get your money’s worth with these too!

The quality is decent, and I mean it’s worth the money. I love the material, and when you see it close up, it doesn’t look cheap either which is the nice thing about it. Although a lot of it is down to how you dress items, but otherwise I love this skirt.


My Thoughts?

I love them both! I think the holdups are so great, and so worth it and the skirt is just divine. It’s a shame that it’s slightly big on me but I absolutely love how statement you can make it.

The quality is great on both of them; the holdups lasted so well all day.

I love the simplicity of the holdups – sometimes just plain and simple does the job without you even trying!

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