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Gatta Michelle 04 Holdups

I’ve done a few of the Gatta Michelle collection previously (Gatta Michelle 03 Holdups & Gatta Michelle 15 Holdups & Baccardo Skirt), however I have never worn them out in the evening, so this will be fun!

Now I will apologise as I was pretty tipsy taking these photos; I didn’t have time beforehand as I was running late to go to my mate’s, so I had to get them done when I came back home! I have to say it as a good night out 😉

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 8

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: $18.00

Website: Gatta – Michelle 04 Classic Stockings 8 Den


My Outfit

Before anyone says anything, I have had this dress for a while now, but I haven’t worn it enough! I teamed it up with a pair of my black suede slingbacks (these are my typical going out shoes)! I know I could have gone more adventurous, but this is the first night out since the break-up, and well the last thing I wanted to go was wreck a good pair of new heels!

I added gold drop earrings and oomphed the hair (well it became flat by the time I got home!) and off we go!

My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Holdups: Gatta

Lipstick: Mac – Dance With Me (Retro Matte)


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The Review

From The Website: Thin stockings for women self-supporting model 04. Classic and elegant self-supporting stockings, made of braided matte Lycra type yarn to increase their durability. Transparent, matt, on the legs give effect fine mist , disguising skin imperfections. Decorated with beautiful elastic lace, which is sewed on in the upper part of the stocking. Non-irritant, non-allergenic. Manufactured in/imported from Europe

8 Den

84% Nylon, 16% Spandex

Care Instructions
Hand wash only (recommended) / Or machine wash in a hosiery wash bag


The Packaging: so they’ve dressed this with lingerie at the front on the model, which does look really sensual. At the back, they once again have all the info (sizings, composition etc)

Ladies’ self-supporting stockings 8 den. Made of sheathed Lycra yarn, sheer, opaque. Decorated with rubber lace containing silicone. Ideal for summer, hot days.



On The Legs: I have to say that these aren’t as soft and smooth as they look. I found that weirdish line at the side of them when getting them on which always bugs the life outta me, so I couldn’t stop staring at that all night!

The feel is ok; I won’t say it’s totally terrible but they aren’t as soft and smooth as others pairs I have done before. I can understand the matte finish, but there’s no harm in having a matte finish with a bit of silkiness to it!

The denier is just perfect on these; minimal leg coverage! I love all deniers, but in the evening I always like to go lighter as it makes the legs stand out more than 20+ denier. I suppose it’s more of a comfort thing for people, but I say the lighter you go, the better it looks in the evening!



The Toes: well they failed in a pair of peeptoes! I ended up having a small hole at the front – all I can say is thank God it was dark because nobody noticed! Luckily it only happened on one side; the other was completely fine! I would recommend (if you can) to slightly pull them from time to time to take the pressure off them. I kept doing it, but for a couple of hours I forgot to and well – that’s what happened! It helps relieve the pressure against them which prevents them from ripping!



The Band: I gotta say is real nice! You can come across some basic, some lace, some stunning net ones, but these are real cute! They look like nothing special, but I have to say you do feel good in them, especially wearing them on a night out! They’ve got a double silicone band inside of them, which don’t budge at all.



Now I’m gonna get a bit eww here and some girls can vouch for me (well maybe not openly!) but when you’re out and about, drinking and dancing, you do tend to perspire all over! It’s one of those things you just can’t help. My point? These bands stay put all night long! I have pulled them up and down a few times to test them out everytime I went to the ladies, and not once have they slipped or started to peel off the legs.



My Thoughts?

As much as I love holdups, I can’t say I’m feeling these ones; I love the denier, love the band and love the matte look, but the quality is just not doing it for me. I can’t complain as you can get these quite cheap, so in a way you get what you pay for. I suppose they will do for a few wears and that’s it really.

Sorry Gatta but these Michelle’s are not for me!


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