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Gatta Michelle 03 Holdups

Nudes and nudes and more nudes! I really just can’t stay away from them right now! As much as I miss my black and rainbow colours, nudes are the ones to pull out when the sun is shining.

So today I have an important meeting to attend, and see as the weather is nice and I didn’t want to be all hot and flustered in a nice dress, I decided to opt for the smart-casual vibe, which worked really well. It wasn’t too much or too little, and the boots helped in this case. I would have worn shoes but I didn’t want too much leg to be on show today!

 The Spec

Colour: Golden 

Size: 1-2 / XS-Small

Materials: 85% Polyamide / 15% Elastane

Price: 8 Euro

Website: eBay – Gatta Michelle Damenstrümpfe 03


My Outfit

I wore my 2-in-1 bodycon dress (simple but effective enough) along with my grey boots and nude holdups. The combo is one that I wouldn’t normally put together but I badly wanted to wear them both and thought I might as well just get them both on and roll out the door.

I left my hair straight and down and just added simple studs so it didn’t look too much.

My Deets

Dress: Mango

Boots: Deichmann

Holdups: Gatta



The Review

The Packaging: once again it shows the model at the front and then at the back:

Stockings for ladies, self-supporting, made of braided Lycra type yarn. transparent, matt, an elastic lace is sewed on in the upper part.



Getting Them On: I advise the scrunch and roll highly for these. I did one leg using this technique and it was fine (make sure your silicone bands are facing outwards so they don’t roll under) and the other leg I pulled up and oh my God I kept getting the band stuck underneath the lace and it just made it harder than it needed to be.


The first thing you notice when you get them on is a subtle golden tan colour, which instantly makes your legs look summer ready.



The Holdups: are really lovely on. They feel smooth and silky, so your legs glide off one another and the colour is just fab. I made sure mine were sitting just under my bum instead of mid-thigh as my dress is kinda short and they sat so well all day. You could see the band now and again when you walk, but it’s a lovely little touch to the outfit – it just shows it’s not all plain and boring.

The denier I really do like – these are 15 but feel lighter than that (I would say round 10) which gives that lovely subtle sheer look rather than something that looks like you have a pair of holdups on. The best part is that glisten that you get on the legs. They say it’s matt, but to me it’s beautiful!



On the Toes: they have slight coverage over the toes, but they stay put all day. They haven’t budged once in my boots and I had enough wiggle room in them too. I would be careful of long toenails, but if they’re not sharp you should be ok!



The Band: now this is my favourite. It has got to be one of the largest bands I have seen in terms of length-wise and I love it. It’s so beautiful. I know I have done a lot of holdups on my blog, but these I just can’t stop looking at. I love the nude sheer lace instead and the large chunk of it too!


The silicone band on these are really good too – not as strong and gripping as I thought, but still good. It’s quite nice actually as sometimes the silicone can really tug on the skin, but these are slightly softer and the durability is amazing.


My Thoughts?

I seriously love these. Simple, classic but also sexy in their own way. Perfect for those who want to boost their confidence with a pair of hosiery. It always works for me; when I’m in a good pair, I instantly feel sexy and confident like I can take on the world (no joke!)

If you’re a first timer for holdups, I would give these a go!

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