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Gatta Lottie Tights

And we are back in Gatta (secret whoop whoop here)! these were gifted by one of my amazing followers amongst a bunch of others I need to get through!

Gatta are a hit and miss brand in my eyes; as much as I love them, their quality can be great and cr*p at the same time. So I always enjoy reviewing them because you just don’t know how the pair is gonna turn out in the end!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane

Price: £6.70

Website: Amazon – Gatta tights Fashion New 01 – 20DEN – Fashionable Patterned Transparent Party with Small Bows and Dots


My Outfit

Keeping it proper simple and casual today with a white tank top tucked into a black denim skirt and added my pumps to finish it off.

I kept my hair down, added gold hoops and accessorised with a coloured scarf and beige jacket when I went out.

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Gatta

Pumps: Primark


The Review

The Packaging: normally gets straight to the point at the front on the model. It shows the design on the model (she wears the nude version of what I have) and the back of the packet states everything you need to know about the hosiery:

“Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastan type yarn, matt”

When you get inside, these are wrapped in plastic and wrapped around card which is what you want (seriously!)

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Getting Them On: okay so I always scrunch and roll, but from time to time I do pop over the toes and pull right up the leg (yes, even past the anklets) just to test them out. I wouldn’t advise doing this which sharp anklets or ones that would have pieces that would catch.

I did the scrunch with my right leg over anklets and the pull on my left leg… And it is all good!

This time I didn’t use hosiery gloves as I had some time in the morning to just play around with them. I know that a lot of people don’t always use the gloves (or may not own a pair) – as long as you take care getting them on, then that’s all that matters!


On The Legs: these are matte, which means that my legs are gonna be looking fab! I love a matte finish; it just silhouettes the legs so nicely, and especially with sheers! These sit beautifully on all bumps and lumps and in-between all bendy areas too!

Even though they are a matte finish, they do have a slight shine to them when you get the flash onto it which I think really does the legs favours!

The quality of these are great; no snags whatsoever which makes me even happier! The denier is also fab to make those little bows and dots really pop on the legs. It actually works so nice against 10-20 deniers rather than 30+ as it just deepens it and makes it more subtle.

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The Toes & Ankle: have plenty of wiggle room in them and no pressure against the toes either. They aren’t reinforced so you will need to be careful if you have longer nails so they don’t end up poking through.

The design starts just under the toes, so peep toes and open toes shoes can be worn with these.

Around the ankle there is no crinkles or wrinkles which is fab! It means you get a lovely smooth finish from toe to band!


The Waistband: is always nice with Gatta. I don’t think I have had a bad experience with them before! They are snug, sit well on the waist (just above the belly button) and they don’t slip at all regardless of the underwear (or lack of) that you wear!

I tested out the stretch on these a few times during the day and their elasticity is great; they just come back to their original size no matter how much you pull them.

The best thing about these is that they don’t roll when you sit; I know some bands can during the day when you’re sitting for long periods, but not with Gatta!



My Thoughts?

I am loving these and how cute they are! They are affordable where you’re not paying silly money for a pair and they are good quality too.

I have a great time wearing them where I didn’t need to worry about snags and runs!

The toes and band are great and super comfortable too!

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