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Gatta Lorien 03 Tights

And I am back in Gatta after taking some time off to review some other brands! I got a nice little series for you all in the Lorien collection. I know I have done Gatta Lorien 01 and Gatta Lorien 02 before, but I found a few styles which follow on from each other that I fancied doing.

Now just so you know that these are very similar to each another; to the point the description, packaging and when you look inside is all the same. So I will talk about it in this one, but miss it out on the following review and speak more about the design, outfit and any other little pointers I find!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown (looked everywhere!)


My Outfit

I gotta say I do a lot of black! Even though it’s the easy option, I always find that it helps to emphasise your hosiery. The pattern I have on today is subtle, but the black outfit helps to bring it out.

I added my brown oversized cardigan (to keep me warm) but left this in the car! I added black shoes instead of brown (even though you could easily do tans or beiges) as I wanted to keep it more office-like rather than looking casual.

My Deets

Ribbed Cami: New Look

Skater Skier: H&M

Tights: Gatta

Shoes: New Look


The Review

The Packaging: so depending on the collection, the image on the packaging changes. As it’s their AW17 collection, it’s darker backgrounds with the models posing in the hosiery. At the back, there is info regarding the sizing, product care also the following in various languages:

Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastan type yarn, matt

Getting inside, these are neatly folded around cardboard, flat packed which means there is no subtle leg shaping to them and you get them on whichever way really. Normally you’re supposed to look at the front and back around the gusset to establish which is right and wrong, but today I just got them on as I was running late!


Getting Them On: okay so I always scrunch and roll, but from time to time I do pop over the toes and pull right up the leg (yes, even past the anklets) just to test them out. I wouldn’t advise doing this which sharp anklets or ones that would have pieces that would catch.


Today I pulled these right up and they went up with ease; no catching on anklets, no issues with snagging or over-tugging. I didn’t pull to hard so I ended up with a load of nylon near my waist; I did it enough that I had decent coverage on the legs and there was plenty to sit around my tummy.

Just remember that it does fall down in place whilst you move around.



On The Legs: these are matte, which means that my legs are gonna be looking fab! I love a mate finish; it just silhouettes the legs so nicely, and especially with winter around the corner, it’s perfect to cover the legs but have that’s slight sheerness to them to make your outfit pop. These sit beautifully on all bumps and lumps and in-between all bendy areas too!


Even though they are matte, they still do have a lovely smooth finish to them, but be warned that they can catch and snag (not that easily mind)!



The Design: actually ended up matching my quilted skirt without realising! I only noticed when I was having lunch that it slightly matched. I love how the design starts from the seams all the way to the band, which means you can wear this with shorter clothing.


It’s very subtle and as it’s a thicker denier, it doesn’t stand out as much which isn’t a bad thing to be honest. Perfect for those who have stubbly / hairy legs and can’t be bothered to remove it (I mean it’s winter and we wanna stay warm right?!)


I have to say that these have a slight slimming effect on the legs – when I was getting them on, I did notice that they do look slightly thinner than they normally do (not that I’m complaining here!)


The Toes: have plenty of wiggle room in them and no pressure against the toes either. They aren’t reinforced so you will need to be careful if you have longer nails so they don’t end up poking through.

The design starts right from the seams of the toes, so peep toes and open toes shoes can be worn with these.

The denier on these are pretty dark which means you can’t see much of your nail varnish peering through unless it’s through the gaps within the design. Brighter colours may stand out more than darker, but my blue is just about peering through.



The Band: is always nice with Gatta. I don’t think I have had a bad experience with them before! They are snug, sit well on the waist (just above the belly button) and they don’t slip at all regardless of the underwear (or lack of) that you wear!

I tested out the stretch on these a few times during the day and their elasticity is great; they just come back to their original size no matter how much you pull them.

The best thing about these is that they don’t roll when you sit; I know some bands can during the day when you’re sitting for long periods, but not with Gatta!



My Thoughts?

I really do like these. I have reviewed 01 and 02 previously and thought they were fab, so these are not so different to be honest. Great for winter and if you’re the type to cover up the legs rather than go for skin tones.

I would recommend for sure!

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