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Gatta Loretta 121 Tights

Now let’s start of the Loretta line from Gatta. There are a few pairs (numbered differently in this collection) which I have got to review, but they are more or less the same with different if not slight variations.

I was seriously considering wearing trousers today instead of tights as it was icy-cold outside! But I had to keep on going for you all reading these!

You Guys Rock!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 50

Materials: 94% polyamide, 6% elastane

Price & Website: Unknown


My Outfit

Let’s up the game a little with wearing one of my night out dresses to work with these. I did wear my black boots with these but left them at work and wore my pumps instead to dress it down a tad.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Gatta

Pumps: New Look



The Review

The Packaging: as you see below. I am hoping you know the drill by now with their packaging. If not, then please see some previous reviews for more of a low down 🙂


On The Legs: so let me explain 1 image to you (2nd row on the left) – that is where I got rained on this morning and 2 hours later when my tights had dried. They were left as this weird patchy mess all over the front so when stretch out (sitting down) they look like this – and it looks awful! So please be mindful of wearing in the rain unless you soak them completely then you’re fine 🙂

Now as the fit, feel, denier and quality is pretty much the same as the rest of the 50 deniers I have reviewed for Gatta, I will just go into more detail about the design of them as I had a serious headache with them this morning…

So unfolded them out I found that the right backseam leg was completely bent. I tried to take a picture but the lighting was working against me. I had to really twist the tights on the right leg for it to sit in a straight line at the back and boy did it kill me to do so?!

They literally would not stay in place, so I ended up with some sort of wonky mess during the day. The left leg was perfectly normal but the right I had given up on after the 20th time during the day. When I mean you gotta twist it, it’s like you gotta make the back twist to the front and then somehow make it sit flush against your waist and hips. It was mission impossible before I decided to give up.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes had plenty of room once again, but a nice little twist where the backseam starts from under the toes and works its way up to the band.

The ankle area is all good and smooth once again – thanks stretchy tights!



My Thoughts?

So this design, even though it’s cute looking, it’s a damn headache and not worth that much time and hassle in my eyes. If it was a more expensive brand, I would have blown a right hissy fit over it, but as these are a more cheap-affordable one, I’ll keep it a little schtum here.

“Recommend it Soni?”


2 thoughts on “Gatta Loretta 121 Tights

  1. To be honest seeing the rained on look wasn’t impressed with these. Then wouldn’t stay in place another downside only thing is a plus is the design and the toe room is good. So these would not buy myself.