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Gatta Laura Tights

I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have reviewed a Gatta pair. I was so on it last year, with so many different pairs. Well now I have a pair to hand that I get to review! Even though Christmas is now over, I am in the mood to keep glamming it up, so that’s what I’m gonna do with today’s blog.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane

Price: £6.12

Website: Amazon – Gatta Laura 10 Den Tights for Classic Spring

My Outfit

The heels have come out to play today – these will be reviewed separately. I paired up with a simple black skater dress.

My Deets

Dress: Gifted via Amazon

Tights: Gatta

Heels: Mirazura

The Review

From The Website: Tights with a spandex yarn Transparent, made in satin finish with reinforced panties and pants

  • Elegant tights for any occasion
  • Classic tights for the summer
  • 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane
  • Wash Gently by Hand Machine Wash at Max. 40 Degrees
  • Classic,Elegant
  • 000.633.000
  • Natural colours for every skin tone
  • Tights made with an attractive spandex thread transparent, satin finish with reinforced panties and pants

The Packaging

Getting Them On: instantly I knew these were not gonna be the nicest tights to wear. They felt quite rough and looked very cheap (not trying to sound harsh but you can just tell). I did my usual scrunch and roll, and my suspicions were confirmed; they are not a great pair … and I am in them all day long!

I rolled them up the legs, set them in place and went about my day.

On The Legs: so this is gonna be a negative sounding blog and I do apologise as they are not a good pair at all. I love Gatta, as their quality is normally pretty good, but clearly missed the mark with this pair. I felt so let down with this pair as they had markings all over them, which really did show, especially near to the top of the tights. Luckily it was a light denier so it wasn’t too obvious from afar, but up close I had lines, I had little holes dotted around and I had a frown on my face!

Speaking of denier, these are supposed to be 10, but they actually look like 15 to be honest. They aren’t as sheer as I thought they would be.

The quality is just a simple no from me. After everything I mentioned above, I won’t even go into further detail here.

The fit of these were the only good thing; they were true to size. I have enough stretch in these to achieve even leg coverage, especially around the thighs.

The feel of these were rough on the skin; you would expect them to be soft and quite silky, but I had the complete opposite. I had a rough, gritty feel on the skin, which did irritate me all day. I forgot to take a back up pair to work with me, and this is the day where I really wish I did so I could change out of them.

Saying all this, I haven’t had a dramatic pair of tights in a while…

The Toes & Ankle: these come with reinforced toes, which is a shade darker than the actual pair. Not a huge issue, but it is limiting for footwear choices. I did have plenty of wiggle room, and no pressure was added either.

Around the feet and ankles, it was a smooth fitted finish with no wrinkling.

The Waistband & Gusset: and to top off the review, we have a reinforced boxer brief sitting under a thin waistband. This part was the most itchiest on me, purely because the material was too rough against my skin. I thought the legs were bad, but this part was even worse.

The waistband itself is decent; it holds up well and doesn’t shimmy down. The only part I didn’t like is that it does roll down itself from time to time, which I had to keep adjusting.

My Thoughts?

I wouldn’t recommend – too much hassle than it’s worth.

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