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Gatta Gisele

So it looks like I’m having a smarty pants morning on this cold and miserable day. The rain is pouring and here I am with freshly washed hair all straightened – so not pleased!

Anyways, these babies (gifted once again by my follower @dgpuente) were teamed up perfectly with this outfit – pretty pleased with myself here! Got it all ironed and ready last night and was wondering what would set off this outfit nicely and bam! – the Gisele tights would!

  • I love the lace on the foot – it’s on the front working up to the ankle and at the bottom of the foot.
  • I am so pleased that it’s a 10-15 denier sheer with these as it sets off the lace so nicely.
  • They were packaged really well – wrapped around the cardboard so no little nasty snags before you even put them on.
  • Once again a smooth silky sheer – that means it won’t be rubbing against my skirt hehe!
  • These could possibly snag quite easily so make sure your hosiery gloves are on for these.
  • Nice fitting waistband at the top too – they haven’t moved so far.
  • I’m sure these do have the reinforced toe as well.

The only bad thing I can think about is the lace at the bottom of the foot does rub if your shoes do have a little leeway. These shoes are a tad bit loose and with my foot moving the whole time you can feel the lace rubbing away underneath. So something to think about in terms of footwear with these.


The image at the end is just me being me – I always love wearing my Caterpillars or Timberlands with tights – and to be fair I had to trek in the rain to get into work so these worked!

So here are my smarty pants deets:

Lace T-shirt – Jane Norman

Bodycon Skirt – H&M

Tights – Gatta Gisele via Amazon

Shoes – George @ ASDA (They were on sale and I thought they were dead cute!)

Boots (last image)  – Caterpillar

I apologise now for the not-so-good-quality pictures – my room was so dark this morning I had to overexpose so you could see the design!


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