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Gatta Girl-Up Tights

And here comes another patterned pair this week! I thought these were a dead funky pair when I saw them! Not seen anything like these before!

The Outfit

So I went with monochrome colours along with a pop of red with the booties to set off the tights. I don’t know if dynamic is the word to use here but that’s what I was trying to go for with this outfit. I didn’t want to make it too fitted so instead I opted for my shirt dress with a Bodycon Skirt underneath.

The Review

I have to say that Gatta packaging is always quite colourful and really appealing. I always look forward to getting something from Gatta as I’m always intrigued to see how they’ve done the packaging to them.

Now I got a little worried as when I pulled them out of the packet, they were as long as my legs. However once they were on, they felt really fitted against the legs and I didn’t have a problem with them like I did with the Gispy 10 Denier Gloss Tights yesterday.

As far as I know these are reinforced toes – it doesn’t really say on the packaging  but seeing as it’s the darker 40 denier on the toes, they would make them slightly stronger.

Now let’s talk about the design: They are so amazing! I love the 20/40 denier contrast (I’m just guessing here as it doesn’t state on the packaging) so it makes it stand out so much more. The biggest surprise was the back design on these as it didn’t show it anywhere what it was until I got them on. I love it! I tried to get a decent shot but it’s so hard without my full length mirrors 😔 oh and also on the packaging you will see that the top of the design sits higher on the thighs of the model whereas I found it sits just about the knees. So I’m guessing these are height dependent????

In terms of snagging, I didn’t get any but I know that you will need to be careful of 20 denier parts as they will be more prone to it.

The waistband is decent on these – kept them in place all day too. So with it being as long as my legs, it wasn’t a problem when they’re on. They didn’t even roll down on the waist as the Gispy ones did which is always nice!

Overall – I love these and they are worth it! I got these pretty cheap online which is always a bonus when they turn out to be a great pair!



4 thoughts on “Gatta Girl-Up Tights

  1. Wow mrs soni. I love your pantyhose feet and legs. They are so perfect. I want to ask you a question and hope you respond. May I please use your pictures to pleasure myself? Your legs and feet turn me on so much.

    Thank you.