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Gatta Girl-Up Cat Patterned Tights

And here we have the first of many reviews that I will be doing for Gatta Tights. It was an absolute surprise when Gatta asked me to do some reviews for me – I just had to say yes!

I do have a lot of collabs lined up for this year, so I decided to put all the ones that I have purchased to one side to bring you some new upcoming retailers as well as existing ones with some amazing new arrivals they have this year, and Gatta is one of them!

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To get your cute pair from their new collection, click here > Gatta Girl-Up Patterned Tights

My Outfit

Well I thought seeing as they’re mock stockings, I thought let’s dress this casual instead of for work (I so will be wearing these to work to show my team!).

I went for my black ribbed long sleeve top with my high waisted skater skirt and finished off with Caterpillar Boots. I know heels would look so much better, and normally I would go for heels first but seeing as I was spending the day in town, I decided to dress it down to sow everyone that hosiery doesn’t have to be just for work!

My Deets:

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: via Gatta

Shoes: Caterpillar


The Review

So I do have to admit I quite like their packaging – it’s like a drawing coming to life from the legs up! They only show the front design but not what they look like at the back. Not a problem though as the back is plain.

The back of the packaging states the following (seeing as it’s hard to read on the image below):

Fancy ladies’ tights with the addition of elastane yarn

.. along with small images showing the benefits of the tights “durable fit, sheer look


Getting them on, you’ll find that they’re a thick denier from the toes to middle thigh and then become very sheer at the top to make it look like it stop at the cat design I would pin it around 60-80 denier with how dark they are to make those cats effective! Obviously I find that when the denier is stretched, it does become slightly lighter.


The toes have enough room and sit perfectly in these tights. They aren’t tight whatsoever or too loose as you can find with some, so impressed there. It doesn’t mention reinforcement, but with these they will be due to the high denier.


The waistband is great too – simple design with it being sheer from the cats right to the band. They sit very well on the hips (or if you’re smaller then on your stomach). The best part is that they’re quite thin and I didn’t find it rolling over either, so wearing them all day you will be fine in them!


One thing I do love about these is how high the cats sit on the legs – it make  it so much more fun when they pop out under my skirt when I sit down or from different angles! With shorts, the thighs is what everyone will be staring at, but with me I like those little hidden treasures!


I have to say that these are a great pair of hosiery – I love the whole concept of them and think they would work with a lot of outfits. You can style these to be edgey, cute, kawaii and even sophisticated (and this is where my work mode comes in) but it can certainly be done!

Now onto a blah point which I found – I ended up ripping these right from the bum down the leg!!! I have no idea how but I squatted down half way through the day to tie my ace and I just heard this tear and bam!!!!! Line all the way down the leg! All I can say is thank god that it stopped where the thick denier started otherwise that would have been an absolute nightmare to be walking around like that all day!

You would need to be super careful with the sheer part. Why? The below pic will tell you why:


Overall Thoughts?

I really do love these and I am so glad that this was my first pair to do from their collection! I know I ended up ripping them (God knows how) but they’re so cute and are quite nice quality too. I know you will probably find the China equivalent, but just remember that the quality and the right sizing will be lacking in those cheaper ones. I have done China tights for so long that I know they’re sizing is so backwards (I’m M-L in their eyes!)

Thank you Gatta! I truly love them!

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