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Gatta Girl Up 29 Patterned Tights

I’m Gatta mad at the moment I am, trying to work my way through their collection!

I am back in the Girl Up, but this time in number 29, which is so damn cute, so I had to dress up cute for this (which means forget work wear!) and more on the casual side this time!

I have a little treat for you all helping me reach 43k on Instagram – it will be coming up in my review tomorrow. It goes hand in hand with this blog, but it’s something that I have never done before and looking forward to! See if you can guess what it is by reading the review below…

The Spec

Size: 2  Small

Colour: Nero / Black

Price: $20.00

Website: Girl-Up 29 Patterned Tights


My Outfit

So being on the cute vibe, I thought the shorts have to come out for this one! So I did my crop jumper with a tie side, with my high-waisted shorts and added a body chain underneath to give it something extra.

I went with my converses with this to keep it casual, but you could always add wedges, or heels to girl it up more!

My Deets

Jumper: Firetrap

Shorts: New Look

Tights: Gatta

Bodychain: Miss Selfridge


The Review

Once again, some lovely blurb from the website: – surprisingly they don’t actually have a description on their site!! So I’m going to have to work it out from the back of the packaging for you!

The front is like the rest of the Girl Up collection; sketched with photographed image of the hosiery. The back states the following about the tights:

“Fancy ladies’ tights with the addition of elastane yarn.”

– so basically the same as what I mentioned in my last Gatta Girl Up Review!


The waistband is pretty decent compared to the previous I wore; it actually holds up well and didn’t fall at all during the day. It’s a lovely sturdy one!



The toes are really nice on these; they’re once again a thicker denier which means reinforced and they’re really comfortable around the toes. There isn’t a lot of extra material around the feet which is nice as some thicker deniers do have this which does annoy me!



The denier contrast is just fab – I think we’re talking 40 / 20 again, with it being super sheer at the top to make the rest of the legs stand out. The only blah thing is the love heart design is really broken and not a smooth finish, so it looks really messy otherwise it’s all good!

Another good thing about these is that they don’t catch as much fluff as the last pair did – they do pick up tiny amounts but not so much that you need to keep dusting yourself off!



The design I mentioned is a little broken but it’s so cute. It sits at the side of the thighs even though one decided to twist itself at the beginning and sit further back on the legs! I wish that the heart shape was a lot cleaner rather than unfinished as shown below. It does ruin it slightly. I suppose if you have chunky thighs maybe this is what to expect whereas slim thighs wouldn’t have this problem (they never do!!!!!!!!!!!!)



Overall Thoughts?

I really love these! They are adorable and can turn any outfit that you choose to wear with it super cute! I really dig the whole mock suspender / over the knee look as it works great for both smart and casual outfits!


2 thoughts on “Gatta Girl Up 29 Patterned Tights

  1. As a purist, traditionalist, old fashioned boring git etc etc, I only have one thing to say…… to hell with it all…… I love them 🙂
    That’s a totally fabulous look.