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Gatta Girl-Up 28 Tights

And we are back into doing the Girl-Up collection by Gatta. I had so many come through from them that I didn’t have time to get them all done at once. So I told myself that I need to get as much of them as I can done!

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The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20 / 40

Materials: 94% polyamide, 5% elastane, 1% metallised fiber

Price: $22.00

Website: Gatta – Girl-Up 28 Patterned Tights

My Outfit

It’s a nice day and I decided to do black on black – God knows why!

So I went for my shiny ribbed bodysuit with my black frayed shorts with these tights. I added Timberlands when I went out.

My Deets

Top: Firetrap

Short: off eBay

Tights: Gatta

The Review

From The Website: They kept it proper basic on their website:

  • fancy pantyhose
  • imitation stockings
  • adding spice
  • Composition: 94% polyamide, 5% elastane, 1% metallised fiber


The Packaging:just like the rest of the Girl Up collection – drawn woman with the hosiery on. The back of the packaging stated the following:

Fancy ladies’ tights with the addition of elastane yarn

When you get inside, these are folded flat around cardboard. When you unravel them, you will see them ready to get on. It would have been beneficial if they were folded horizontally giving you that creased seam so you can angle the suspender bit properly, but hey!



Getting Them On: I was being naughty and didn’t use hosiery gloves this time, as I wanted to test it out. I did my usual scrunch and roll up the legs, taking care over anklets.

These rolled on quite nice, but the tricky part is getting your line up right on both legs. I had to do this around 5 times to make sure I got them spot on!



On The Legs: these are looking pretty damn awesome. At first I thought it would be too much, and I felt like that most of the day, but no seeing the images on my blog just show it looked real good!

The denier is around 40 on the bottom and 20 on the top; I am guessing this by the way but most mock suspenders are this combo. It’s pretty great giving that blocked out effect on the lower leg, which then enhances the design on the thighs.

The fit of these are great; there is no baggy-ness or gapping anywhere on the legs. The feel is just super soft and smooth, but the only downside is that these so catch fluff being microfibre tights,so you may need to dust yourself a few times during the day to keep the black looking black.

The quality is decent on these too; no snags or runs at all throughout the day which is always a bonus.

The design is something that is subtly sexy and not too in-your-face which I don’t like. i like the whole mock look to it, and how the shorts just sit on top of the bands – I may need to pull them up a tad more so it looks like it’s linked to the shorts next time! The band at the back gives it another look, which I prefer more than the front. It’s simple, effective and just different. But hey… something to think about if I ever design my own!



The Toes & Ankle: a nice block on the toes and feet here which means if you did wear these with open toe shoes or sandals, they would work (but please don’t with these – they’re statement and out there as it is!)

I don’t think these are reinforced but they are a thicker denier, so you should be ok with longer nails to be honest.

Around the ankles, I did find that these crinkled slightly. It did bug me most of the day, and because of the thicker denier, I guessed this was gonna happen whether I liked it or not.



The Waistband & Gusset: so the band itself isn’t really thick, and sits just around the belly button. I have to say these are comfortable to be in the whole day. These don’t dig into you throughout the day, which is something I tend to look for when buying hosiery.




My Thoughts?

I think these are pretty funky to create any edgy look with; I wouldn’t personally put them with a work dress, but more with shorter skirts and dresses or with shorts so you can see the design of them. You would have to make sure you don’t fully dress them up as you don’t want to give the wrong impression, but otherwise these are fab!


2 thoughts on “Gatta Girl-Up 28 Tights

  1. You go girl you have such amazing legs and these tights accent every inch of your lovely legs. These tights I love and think would look great on my legs also there’s nothing better than the fashion look of hosiery. I myself spend many hours reading about hosiery styles and colors love keeping up to date have to I wear daily and love doing photos that show a fashion look.