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Gatta Girl Up 24 Patterned Tights

Today we are toning it down with my Gatta Girl Up 24s. We had a statement day with my Pierre Mantoux, so today I’m appealing more to the playful side for work!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Price: $20.00

Website: Girl-Up 24 Patterned Tights Imitating Stockings


My Outfit

I went a little edgy grunge like


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The Review

Let me being with a blurb taken from the Gatta website:


These tights are an absolute must for a sexy and elegant short outfit or a mini skirt; the pattern catches the eye of an onlooker immediately leaving a long lasting impression

Gatta Collant collection for Fall/Winter combines English and French classics; features retro as well as trendy designs. Black and neutral colors are dominant in the entire collection

Non-irritant, non-allergenic

Incredibly fashionable

Imitation stockings

Comfortable and Elegant

Manufactured in/imported from Europe

20/40 Den

93% Nylon, 7% Elastane (Lycra)

Care Instructions

Hand wash only (recommended)

Or machine wash in a hosiery wash bag

Now that has summed most of it for you if I am honest – saves me writing a big chunk later on!

The Packaging: is once again sketched at the top and comes to life at the bottom where the hosiery comes into play. The back is how it normally is, with the following statement:

“Fancy ladies’ tights with the addition of elastane yarn.”

Well that is basic – compared to what is written on their website!



Getting Them On: I would advise you to wear gloves with this – as it’s a 40 denier bottom but it becomes 20 at the top and can be prone to snagging!



The Toes: are a lovely thick denier which have a very long seam against. It went right down my toes and ended 1/4 way down my foot. I did wiggle them over but they ended up just sitting there the whole day. These are certainly reinforced as I really did tug at these when I first got them on to see what they were like, and they’re great!


The Waistband: is a good band… to begin with. It started falling half way down my legs during the day so the gusset was nowhere near my actual body! I had to keep pulling up a lot. First I thought it was because I pulled the design higher than it was meant to be, so it might have been falling into place, but then I realised that the design stayed where it was on my legs (above the knees) and the band was slipping down! I was so annoyed!!!!



The Design: is pretty unique. Not only is it a mock stocking type of look / over the knee look, but they have small little holes in them throughout the legs. I actually thought that these were just small dots stitched until I looked close up and saw that they are actually tiny holes in the tights!


Whilst I was still closely eyeing up my legs. I noticed on the inner bit of my thighs that the joining was not aligned properly, which meant once you have seen it, you can’t stop staring and getting miffed off! It’s nothing too major, but I’m a perfectionist and I hate it when I see something like that!


From far, these are really effective and subtly cute! The whole 40 / 20 denier really does give it that real effect, and I love it. It makes it playful and can wist the outfit whichever way you want it! I actually love that they created slight holes rather than stitching dots on – it just means when you layer (with nudes or colours) it shines right through!



The Feel: is really soft and really smooth. It’s perfect with skater dresses as they just glide against it rather than stick! The best part is the sheer (when it’s not falling down me!) as the image below looks like I have a very very sheer black on and I didn’t snag it at all! Normally I tend to with the type of wok that I do, but I was dead happy!

The only downside is that the 40 denier part is where dust clings on to! On the bed (like you do), I ended up picking up lots of fibers and little particles which just clung on, so I had to keep on dusting myself off!



Overall Thoughts?

Thank you Gatta for such a cute pair of hosiery! I have a lot more in my collection similar to this so cannot wait to try them all out now if they are going to be this good (minus the band falling down me!)


2 thoughts on “Gatta Girl Up 24 Patterned Tights

  1. I thought those holes were little polka dots too. Such a shame about the band not staying out and the stocking tops not matching up properly though. Otherwise a lovely pair. Great review Soni 😘😘