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Gatta Gatta Body Total Slim Fusion Tights

I have to admit I really like bodyshaper hosiery. I know a lot of people will say “I don’t need it” but it’s one of those things that make me feel good on days that I don’t.

I have to admit sometimes my clothing doesn’t do any favours for me, but when I have a pair of shaper tights on, it can instantly transform a small bum into something gorgeous and peachy or make my thighs look slimmer than tree trunks and make those legs look like they belong to a model!

Shapers are one of those pairs that a lot of people go for (yes even though it may not be needed) but there is no harm in giving yourself a confidence boost!

Now this review you won’t be seeing a lot of the shaper part on me, but I will show you images of the hosiery where it has it.

 The Spec 

Colour: Visone

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 10

Price: € 7.49

Website: Star Style – Tights Gatta Body Total Slim Fusion 10 den


My Outfit

I have been dying to wear these pink culotte-type trousers! So I went with a white tank top (seeing as I left all my other good tops at my in-laws) with a light grey cardigan (left open) and my patent grey heels.

Now I know it’s a combo which most people wouldn’t do, but I really wanted to go grey and pink as I haven’t tried that before and I think it looks alright!

I left my hair down and straight, and just added a triple choker just to jazz it up a bit.

Now writing this, I actually do like my outfit! Different… and it rocks!

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

Cardigan: Zara

Trousers: Mango

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Tights: Gatta

Choker: Aldo


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The Review

The Packaging: it shows the pair at the front with the shaper parts darkened so you know where it’s tackling and at the back:

Ladies’ tights with the lengthened, special construction of panties part, shaping the figure and correcting the line of buttocks, thighs, belly and hips.

BODY TOTAL SLIM tights thanks to the lengthened, special construction of panties part ideally fit to the body and correct any feminine figure, shaping the line of buttocks, belly and hips. Thanks to the elongated legs they help to slim the thighs. They are very comfortable  and cosy in wearing thanks to flat seams and well-holding, elasticanti-pressure band. They have narrow legs made from the modern LYCRA fusion fibre giving tights higher resistance to damage. They are matt, high standard having a delicate and smart look. Application of a cotton hygienic gusset allows wearing of tights without any additional underwear.”



Getting In: you will find these are bulky at the top and you get the sheer hosiery at the bottom. I would advise you to have a look on the back of the packaging to see how you put these on as I was confused at first.



Getting Them On: I would say do the scrunch and roll on these as they do become a little more tighter at the top. Not as tight as you would think, but there is some resistance to them. the sheer part will reach to mid-thigh (maybe slightly higher) and that’s where the shaper part kicks in.


I wouldn’t recommend wearing these with short dresses as the shaper on the thighs sits quite low (normally they sit a little higher so shorter dresses and skirts aren’t usually a problem).


Now the bit you need to make sure of is the guide lines on the hosiery sits where they are supposed to so you get the full benefit of them. under the bum cheeks, you should have a line under each which then comes round to the front.


On The Waistband: it’s not as tight as you would expect it to be. I have to admit these are very comfortable on the stomach and doesn’t compress in a lot either. They do come up quite high, but they’re supposed so, so don’t worry about that.



On The Thighs: I can’t say that it feels like my thighs are having the life squeezed out of them. They feel really nice on, and you can tell that they’re fitted – when you walk I don’t feel them jiggle as much so it’s all good!



The Toes: these are nice and comfy and no complaints here. They’re sandal toe, so open toe shoes can be worn with them! Although saying that, it doesn’t feel like I have hosiery on to be honest. They feel that light on the feet, I actually forget that I have them on. I think it’s because you feel it at the top, and because you’re focusing on that, you forget about the rest of the legs where the sheer is on!



Do They Work? I would say they do actually. Maybe not to the extent that you’re completely firm and there is no jiggle whatsoever, but they do a good job for day wear (and maybe night too!) It’s light control and I do notice a slight difference it has made.



My Thoughts?

I really do like these. I’m not too keen on the colour as my legs look a little pasty in them, but otherwise I really like the way they feel on. I can tell a difference, and will need to try these again with a fitted dress or skirt next time as my trousers are baggy ones, so you won’t really see it much.

There are lots of different versions you can get depending on what you need it for, but these are a pair that is nice for those who are first timers in shapers.


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