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Gatta Funny 04 Patterned Tights

And today we are going super casual and just plain raw I like to call it. This is when I don’t care what I look like, I just go ahead and rock it – and it normally works! However this time I did something different, and I wasn’t too sure of the otucome but I went with it anyways and had some pretty good feedback; a lot of smiles and stares and a lot of ‘where’s your tights from?’ too!

So pretty pleased with myself there. Only downside is that I hid most of my legwear under some jeans, but no doubt that these will be out once again with a dress or skirt 😉

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Denier: 20

Size: 2 – Small

Price: $20.00

Website: Gatta Funny 04 Patterned Tights


My Outfit

So I mentioned casual, and casual is exactly what I did. No heels, no girlyness, just an image of how I used to dress years ago when I was at uni and didn’t care what I dressed like! The only difference between then and now is the hosiery underneath!!

I went with my tieside crop jumper, along with my boy slouch jeans and my converses as I left my Timberlands in the car.

I left my waistband out at the top just to give it that extra something really – and it was sitting quite high and my jeans were low so there was no way of hiding it really!

The hair is curly and down (undone basically) and just added very small earrings to the look.

My Deets

Jumper: Firetrap

Jeans: Soucal at Republic

Tights: Gatta

Trainers: Converse All Star


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The Review

Taken from the Gatta website:

“Ladies tights with a mesh pattern, made of Lycra type braid,

transparent, matt without highlighted panties with a small wedge.

PROPERTIES:- Composition:  84% polyamide, 16% lycra”

Pretty basic info but it will do for now as an opening to my review.

The Packaging: No sketches this time around at the front – all photographed! She wears the tights at the front showing the full design and the back is the normal Gatta look:

“Tights for ladies, patterned, made of braided elastan type yarn, matt”


When you get inside you will find that these are flat packed, and once again have a slight twist in them. The right leg I always get on first so I have to twist from the top to make sure that I get he seam across the toes to line up properly. The left leg I never tend to have a problem with.



Getting Them On: are really easy and ok to mess about with to. I mean this in the sense of it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t line up as the pattern is quite busy so no-one is actually going to notice unless they stare long enough to find that it isn’t symmetrical. I just left the tights to fall into place once I got them on.

Oh and let me mention that these are fine over anklets as well – not too sure how they would be over sharp edged ones!



The Toes: are sheer and the design begins right at the seam and finishes right to the top of the waistband which you will see further down. I think these are reinforced but I would take care with longer nails as you don’t want a big toe rip!



The Waistband: is really nice and comfortable.; not too hugging on the belly either. These sat quite high on me as you can see, but then again when layering as I am, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re not into the band showing over jeans then maybe you may want to try and sit them slightly lower (not a good idea if you’re a shorty like me!)

The band isn’t too thick or too thin, and it doesn’t roll down after a long day either, so I have no complaints here!



The Design: is just amazing. I love the whole look on how it’s based on nets but it does go from large net to medium to small at the top, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! It’s so unique and so funky – hence why it doesn’t matter if it’s not symmetrical on either side! The denier is fab too I got to say – I done a collage below where you can see it without flash on the left and with flash on the right, so you know the difference between normal daylight and when the sun shines (well a crap replica!)

I think the pattern is so mesmerising!



The Feel: is great too. Very soft, very smooth and can catch very easily. After I had taken my photos, I was getting them off slowly when I bladdy ended up snagging them on the thigh! I was so annoyed as I had done so well in them all day without a single one and it happens last minute! These are one of those pairs that no clothing will cling onto, so bodycon here we come!!!!



Overall Thoughts?

I love these! I think they’re so unique and such a good twist on the fishnet. And the perfect thing is as these are already on a black sheer, it looks like you’ve double layered from far!

I know some may not agree with the whole strip at the front and back of the tights being on show, but I was literally like ‘sod it’ and just went with the flow. I was being daring today and well… I got a girl saying she wanted to try it at the end of it so WINNER!

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  1. I love your feet! huge foot fetish fan even now so after seeing your feet especially in heels! please add me on snapchat: iamrex91