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Gatta Funny 03 Tights

I do love the names that Gatta comes up with – as soon as I saw the word funny I started giggling to myself thinking why would they call it that?

Anyways, jokes aside, the nets are backkkkk!! But this time there is a twist in them… They’re like a 2 in 1!

The Spec

Colour: Golden / Nero

Size: 2 / Small

Price: Unknown

Website: Not on the official Gatta website

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Rope Belt: eBay

Earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Steve Madden

Tights: Gatta


The Review

So I won’t talk much about the packaging in this one, as I am sure most of you get the jist of it after reading all my Gatta reviews! What I will mention is what’s stated on the packaging:

“Tights for ladies, pattered, made of braided elastan type yarn, matt.”


The toes are lovely – sheer, with the pattern starting right from the seam itself. It does feel slightly thick on the legs as well as the toes, so you may not need to worry about snags and rips with the nails here!


The waistband is one of my favourites; it held up so well all day and stayed so snug on me. It didn’t crunch into me when I was sitting down and it didn’t roll over itself either which is always nice. I hate it when tights do as then you see that line going across and it drives me mad! Mine sits just above the belly button, but I am sure you can adjust as you wish.


The feel is so soft and so silky smooth. You do slightly feel it raised where the net pattern is but it isn’t a problem. The denier is just perfect for 20, it looks thicker but actually isn’t and when the sun hits, it just transforms the whole look! I think they are such a smart idea!


This is what the look like when the sun shines directly on them…


Up close you can see how they have done it. The way it’s pinched when the nets meet is super cool – I have never seen that done before. The same goes for the denier as it’s more of a circle knit so it gives that glossy effect to them! The best (and worst) thing about these is that they are the same size all the way from the toes to the waistband. I do like it when it stretches more like normal fish/whale nets do, but then again for those who don’t and like it even, these are a pair to consider!


One thing I do like is that these are hard to snag, and even if you do, it’s not so bad. I got a small snag in-between the golden denier and not the net thank god, but you couldn’t even tell that I had done it. And the way they shape to your legs is lovely, it just clings and outlines them so well I think.

Overall Thoughts?

I love the combo – it saves me having to wear gloss underneath and then nets on top; this just does the job perfectly! Not too sure about the size of the net, but either way I think they’re great and perfect for the lazy people who CBA or don’t like layering tights!

As for them stating that it’s matte, well they are certainly wrong when the light hits it!


4 thoughts on “Gatta Funny 03 Tights

    1. Ms. Sonia, I noticed there’s no link for the site to purchase these tights (which I’ve discovered retailers from your previous posts, thanks!) but I really love them. I highly admire and respect your candid Q&A so if you have these available for purchase, please let me know!