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Gatta Footies

So Gatta sent me a pair of these footies.. Which I found really interesting. I don’t think I have come across a pair like this before!

The Spec

Size: 36/37 – UK Size 3/4

Colour: Black & Beige

Materials: doesn’t state


They came open so you can feel them. The back gave a little lowdown about them.



So looking inside, these are padded where your foot arches and just on the balls of your feet (right under the toes). I also notices that these have L and R on them, so you don’t get confused on which way to wear them (always nice to know!)



It has a small silicone tab at the back of them and the rest of the piece is plain (meaning no grip).



Putting them on, I found these pretty tight (I’m around 38/39 (UK 5/6) foot size) but they still weren’t too bad I suppose.



The base of them I wasn’t too keen on as on carpet, you can slip in them a little, so maybe some type of grip is needed. I know you would wear them inside shoes, but still!



The padded cushions are a little Godsend! They are so comfortable and I could easily wear these all day and not feel my feet hurt.



The silicone tab at the back does last really well; it gripped and didn’t move for the good half a day I was in them, so bonus point there!



These cover the most minimal part of your foot, so it’s perfect for open court shoes as well as closed footwear too. Normally some footies cover more, so it’s hard not to expose them but these are the bare minimum!



My Thoughts?

If these were my size, I would totally be living out of them. They are so comfortable and would do your feet favours if you’ve got long days ahead of you. I like how they are slightly cover your foot at the top as it’s ideal for most shoes I wear and I certainly love how they’re cushioned inside.

The only downer I would say is the grip, but nothing too major to complain about if I am honest!

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