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Gatta Floris Holdups

Time to get out the holdups again seeing as Gatta has kindly sent me some more hosiery, so I better get cracking on the ones outstanding!

I was going to do nude shades today, but I saw drizzling rain outside and swapped it for my darks instead. I have added in another website that stock these since the official Gatta site doesn’t.

 The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Denier: 50

Size: 1-2 / Small-Medium

Materials: 94% Polyamide, 6% Elastane

Price: £7.47

Website: Gatta Floris 50 Den


My Outfit

I wore my blue bodycon dress with a light casual blazer and popped on some statement heels (yep these are new!) – they have the white point with the rest of the heels being patent black, so it blends in well with the holdups!

I had my hair down and my fringe clipped back and added a statement necklace as I couldn’t wear big earrings (I hurt my ear the other day, so they’re throbbing!)

 My Deets

Dress: AX Paris

Holdups: Gatta

Blazer: Jennyfer

Shoes: New Look

Necklace: H&M

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The Review

The Packaging: what you see is what you get inside. The model wears the holdups at the front and at the back:

Self-supporting stockings made of soft microfiber in a 3D technology” 


Getting Them On: as soon as you get them out their inner packaging, you instantly feel how smooth and glossy they feel. It actually slipped out of my hands at first! As these are flat packed, it easy to get them straight onto your legs and you’re ready to roll. I pulled mine up slightly higher so it sits under my bum (also gives it the push up effect here) – that way if my dress rides up nothing is really exposed.



On The Legs: they feel gorgeous. They’re so slippery smooth and to be honest, it’s hard crossing your legs. Even though I have pulled them up higher than expected, that smoothness still remains. It doesn’t turn rough in any part at all. The denier is just perfect – it’s more of a block opaque rather than a sheer which is perfect on days where you couldn’t be bothered to shave, or you just felt like doing darker deniers. Mine was so I don’t see rain marks all over me and gives my legs the more sophisticated look!



The Toes: I think these are reinforced you know, as it shows the foot symbol on the packaging, and then you can slightly see it on the toes as well. Not too sure, but I’m gonna roll with that! they’re spacious and enough wiggle room too.



The Band: is just stunning. It’s a simple design but enough to make them look sexy depending on what you’re wearing with them. These have the double silicone strap on them which hold up really well on the legs. I kept taking them on and off today to test the power, and they’re fab!!!


The lace on the band is just wonderful; nice enough for those who like to keep in simple and sexy enough for those who dress it with lingerie.



My Thoughts?

I really do love these. They’re hard to snag because of the denier and how they sit on the legs, and the quality is great. I love holdups when you can tug them right up and they still remain the same! The band is amazing; the hold on that is just superb and the way they make my legs look is just fab! I love the dark silhouette look, and it works all year round too! Don’t think because it’s summer dark deniers can’t come out – coloured  outfits and bold shoes help with that!


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