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Gatta Fit Leggings

Well it’s a cold one today (not to mention wet and miserable as well!) – so the leggings have come out to play. I couldn’t be bothered with jeans and these have been sitting around for a while waiting to come out!

 The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Materials: 93% polyamide 7% elastane

Size: Small

Price: $45.00

Website: Gatta Leggings Fit Push-Up Effect


My Outfit

I went with an oversized shirt accompanied with a large strap belt and my court shoes to make it more work-wear.

I wore my hair up and in a messy bun, with my silver double choker  and small studs!

My Deets

Shirt: Republic Miso

Leggings: Gatta

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Choker: Topshop



The Review

Once again, let me start off with some information from their website about the leggings:

“The combination of innovative technology and created a unique fashionable cut leggings Fit by Gatta, which are a true ally of women in their daily struggle for the ideal figure.

The secret of their effectiveness lies in the application of the unique construction, lifting the buttocks and modeling figure. Gatta used them to create a special yarn Emana. This is the kind of microfiber absorbing natural body heat and changing them in the infrared radiation reaching the deeper layers of the skin.

Daily wearing leggings minimum of 6 hours to 60 days to achieve the satisfactory results. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic, and buttocks are clearly raised upwards. The unique properties of the material are not broken even with vigorous washing.

Another advantage of the fabric is its unique soft and pleasant feeling in contact with bare skin.”

model silhouette
raise the buttocks
improve skin firmness
They do not restrict movements”


The Packaging: very nice actually, for a pair of leggings. It shows you the effects right at the front as the selling point, and when you turn over you get to see the details behind it all:

Gatta Active Shapewear – this is a new, revolutionary product, shaping underwear with slimming. A special type of a durable yarn shapes a figure in the chosen parts. The underwear is comfortable, light and does not limit one’s movements.

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Inside: you will find them neatly folded and pretty much ready to wear. The one thing I did notice was the bum bit – you can tell these are ‘controlled’ in terms of how it looks! If you have worn control top / push-up before, then you know what I am on about.



Getting Them On: I have never struggled so much in my life. I actually thought a Small was going to be too small, until I tried to get thee on my legs. I had to resort to pushing my foot through and wiggling myself pulling the leggings up all the way. It is slight hard work getting them on but you notice the difference straight away.

My legs look a lot more toned and non-jiggly. They are just outlined by this thick black material encasing them and just holding them in place if anything.


This is perfect for those of you who don’t like exposing your legs; they’re super fitted, your legs don’t jiggle in them and they look so great on!


The Waistband: is something that you need to not focus on for the first 10 minutes. I found it to be super tight on my tummy, but then when I adjusted to it, it felt fine. You will feel like every time you take them off and put them back on, but it’s not a feeling that lasts a long time.

The band itself is quite slim, but ribbed and had very tough elastic in them too!



The Bottom Bands: around the ankles do not budge once they are on. I haven’t seen them lift up or drop down all day today, which is a very good thing. You may feel like it’s quite tight, but this feeling doesn’t last all day.



The Feeling: is super compressed. These actually feel a lot tighter than compression tights normally would, so if you’re used to them then you won’t have a problem. If you’re new to compression legwear, then you may want to brace yourselves and keep an open mind getting into them. they do feel fitted on your legs, and I mean super fitted but they are comfortable too! I can’t say that I feel like my legs are being squeezed to death in these, but I have noticed when I walk, nothing is moving so it’s all good!!!!


 Just a word of advice: you may find a whole line going down your leg from the seams!!



My Thoughts?

I really do like these. I wasn’t too keen on the tick strip going down the inner leg at first, but now I quite like it. It makes it more sportier in a sense, so anything will go with these pair. Don’t feel like you have to wear these just for working out in 🙂

I love the feel; the quality is amazing on these and they won’t lose shape after a few wears either. It just bounces back into its original shape!!

2 thoughts on “Gatta Fit Leggings

  1. Me personally I dont like women wearing these as I feel they should be proud of what they have as every one is beutiful, u definitely so, but I love the confidence they give women to be able to go out and show thete legs and selves happily, which is what every one deserves and should be able to do!