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Gatta Fancy 08 Tights

Now to step into some cute ass tights! Hubby said to me ‘I’m sure you have a similar pair to these right?’

– My response: Similar yes but not exactly the same!

You cannot have enough dainty designs like the ones I am about to review for you, as they work with everything and I mean everything! I can dress it up girly, old school, grungy, casual – you name it, it will go!

The Spec

Colour: Nero / Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 20

Price: $20.00

Website: Gatta Fancy 08 Patterned Tights


My Outfit

So I kept it basic, very office-cas like. I went with a black cami top under my grey wrap around knitted top with my black bodycon skirt which just lifted slightly so you can see the whole design of the tights.

I then went with my black court shoes to finish off the look, but left them in the car hence why they aren’t in the pictures!

I did my hair in a side plait as it was pretty greasy and just added a choker and small studs to finish off the look.

My Deets

Black Cami: New Look

Knitted Top: AX Paris

Bodycon Skirt: New Look

Choker: Topshop



The Review

So let me break it down for you by starting off with some blurb taken off the website:

“Gatta women’s tights – Fancy 08

Ladies’ tights, patterned. Made of braided elastane yarn, matt. No highlighted panty and finger.

Composition: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane (lycra)”

The Packaging: as you can see below the model wears the tights at the front exposing the whole design, and then the standard layout at the back.


The Toes: are sheer with the design starting from there. I think it would be perfect to team up with open toe shoes or sandals for summer! The seam runs around them and stays put just under the toes itself. No rips or snags around this area, so I’m pleased!!


The Design & Denier:is something that I am loving on this pair. I love the contrast between the small net bottom working its way into a smooth sheer top separated by the lace design band. This was exposed the whole day which made it look like I was wearing holdups as the top was so sheer in daylight! I should have taken a pic for you!

It’s a very subtle chic French-type design which I love; I think it looks so adorable and quite Victorian too!!


Snagging: is a problem that you will face with these. I managed to get one on the netting and then one just under my bum on the sheer part. I have no idea how, but I looked down and saw them when I came back home, so wasn’t too pleased that they were like that all day!


That Line: is another issue I faced with these. It has this weird line which is so noticeable! I kept on staring at it which made it even worse! I have no idea what it is as I saw it when I first got them on in the morning – I thought I had pulled something and it ran all the way up, but I don’t think it is that. If you check out the double image of my legs above, you will see that it’s on the back of my leg as well. Being that sheer doesn’t help as it stands out more than it should!


The Feel & Look: is not too rough when you touch it actually. I was kinda surprised when I felt the net on my legs. It’s soft and smooth enough to rub your hands over without thinking ‘ugh’.

The look I just love. I can’t tell you how much I love them. I think they’re just adorable and the lace band across the tights just takes it to another level really. It just adds sexy on top of what’s there already, but as I mentioned before, I love the way it then works into a smooth normal knit sheer at the top.

Those bobbly bits dotted on the tights; I’m not too sure what they actually are supposed to look like, but they’re cute. Simples 🙂



Overall Thoughts?

Hands down the daintiest tights I own. I would say the quality is great, but when I ended up with 2 snag and one being a small rip that went out the window so forget that. It’s a lovely design and something that will work with everything, so another pair to add into the wardrobe I think!