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Gatta Emanuella Tights

And I have another lined up for you – Gatta Emanuella! And this time we are talking 15 denier sheers 😉

The season is here where sheers are so in to make those legs look gorgeous – I know I’m saying that but honestly I would wear any type in any weather just because I can’t just stick to one type!

Seeing as these aren’t listed on the Gatta website, the next best I would recommend is from eBay or Amazon – always my port of call!


My Outfit

Now most of you have already seen this outfit on my Instastory (I couldn’t help but post it I was so excited to be in them!), you may already know what’s coming up!

The weather was slightly cooler than the past few weeks where the heat has been incredible, so it was a bit of a shock to the system when I saw rain and clouds! So out comes the new jumper dress I bought a few weeks back and haven’t been able to wear as the weather couldn’t make its mind up!

I then paired with velvet boots just to give it some sexy seeing as I haven’t been in heels for a while and I missed these. I don’t pull them out a lot, but when I do I flaunt them like there’s no tomorrow.

My Deets:

Jumper Dress: In The Style

Tights: Via Gatta

Shoes: Caterpillar

And yes I decided to get my face in there for the shot 😉


The Review

So once again the packaging is half realistic and half draw from the waist up. What I love about these is that they have that gorgeous brief design on them (which is at the front as well as the back) and then it has the blurb about the hosiery at the back of the packaging:

Tights for ladies made of Lycra type yarn, transparent, matt with fancy Jacquard knickers  with a small gusset

At the bottom middle of the back packaging, it shows you that they have the design front and back, and also stating “Sheer look and durable fit” to the side.


I absolutely love these sheers! It has got to be one of the best ones I have worn. I know I say that a lot about CDR and other brands I have worn, but these are so amazing and they are so affordable as well. It’s something that loos so expensive as the quality is really good, but they’re so cheap to pick up!


My legs look so good – the best thing is that they’re matte but they help define my legs and make them look ultra smooth! They feel so soft and slightly silky and they hardly snag either. Actually, they didn’t at all with me when wearing them the whole day!

The sheer around the toes is to die for – bring out those sandals and peep toes as these are sheer as hell and my nails have not gone through them at all! I was pretty worried about them making a hole as they are quite long at the moment, but they actually haven’t and I am so impressed! I mean I am jumping over the moon with joy as I have found a non-reinforced pair that I can rely on!!!


Now I forgot to take a picture of the waistband for you all, but I have to say these are as good as the Gatta Girl Up Cat Patterned Tights. They stay up all day, even when you’re taking them on and off a million times and they don’t roll either which is the best part. They even sit just under the tummy on me, so short people you won’t have a problem with these sitting too high on your tummy (unless you like that).

What I will show you is a close up of the design of the briefs – I think it looks stunning and it looks near enough the same on me as well!



Overall Thoughts?

Gatta you are just perfect in my eyes right now! Affordable, amazing quality and long lasting is the way to my heart! I would recommend these if you’re after a pair of sheer with a gorgeous bum piece on them – you certainly can’t go wrong!


2 thoughts on “Gatta Emanuella Tights

  1. Wow…. What great looking tights…. Smooth look…. Very even colour coverage…. Plus love the look of the briefs….

  2. The word `perfect` is thrown around a little bit too liberally these days in my opinion.
    Having said that, your legs are perfect 🙂