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Gatta Double Up: Brigitte & Fortissima

Seeing as I am rocking fishnets once again, I decided to do a double review on both nylons!  Most of you know by now that I don’t rock nets on their own; layering with nets can create so many different looks!

I can’t say that I have done a colour underneath them yet, but that is next on my to-do list!

So before I begin, let me mention that Brigitte are fishnets and Fortissima are the nude sheers!

Get your pairs straight from Gatta themselves:

Gatta Fortissima Classic Tights 15 Den

Gatta Brigitte 05 Fishnet Tights


My Outfit

Oh don’t hate me – I know I haven’t been touching much colour recently, but these are just quick chuck-on-and-go outfits that I’ve been doing. I haven’t been sleeping well so I’m making up for it by sleeping in when I should be sorting out my outfits!

This time I went for my baggy oversized t-shirt and paired up with my sheers and nets and then finished off with my Nike trainers. I did wear heels to work but ended up leaving them there for the next day and came home in my trainers; it still looks pretty awesome!

I kept my hair down to keep it more on the casual side than dressing up – I normally do it up or in a ponytail, but I couldn’t be bothered so I went with a quick straighten and out the door!

My Deets:

Oversized T-Shirt: New Look

Tights: Both via Gatta

Shoes: Nike Roshe


The Review

Seeing as this is a double review, it will be longer than my normal ones as I will be breaking them both down!




Shows the model wearing them on the front along with some little key points:

Panties seamless

Without marked toes

Large fishnet


At the back, it shows the sizing guide along with some blurb:

Tights for ladies with a rare net pattern of ‘cabaret’ type, made of braided elastin type yarn.”

Model demonstrates with her fingers the resistance of the tights along with a small picture at the side stating:

Goodbye ladders; hello confidence.”


At the back, once again the sizing guide, with blurb:

Women’s tights made of innovative Lycra Xtra Life fibre with exceptional elasticity and improved resistance to thread pulling and laddering.


Getting Them On



I got these sheers on first being my base for layering. I did the scrunch and roll just to be on the safe side; I didn’t want to test them out straight away! They were really easy to get on I must say, but it did become slightly tighter towards the top of the thighs; that will be the resistance kicking in *wink*.

The first thing I noticed was how light these are and how they make my legs look slightly pasty – so girls (and guys) with seriously white legs; these are the ones for you! I prefer either my skin colour or a tan, you can’t go wrong there.

These were going on top of my sheers, so I found them dead easy to get on; no toes getting caught in the netting it’s a nightmare when that happens or when the nails catch it!

I like how the netting is very small around the toes; sandals and peep toes at the ready! It works into a larger net, but I wouldn’t class these as whale nets (more of a medium in my eyes).

The best part about these is that they are one size so whether they are pulled to the max, it doesn’t really matter!



The Hosiery Itself



Well I can’t say much for fishnets as most of the time the quality is the same. I have to say that these are like my Pretty Polly pair that I have; very fine denier but hard wearing too. I managed to catch these a few times, but haven’t ripped them so that’s a bonus.

They’re lovely and elasticated, which means they have the ultimate stretch power to them (to a certain extent) and can work with anything and everything. Fishnets can be dressed in so many ways, but I wouldn’t advise with miniskirts or dresses unless they are micronets as it can give off a more vulgar look!

I do love the way they start off quite small and then widen as they go further up the legs. It gives the outfit more rather than having the same width all across the legs.

I would always pair fishnets with sheers, colours and even opaques underneath as it totally works and actually enhances your legs. Another reason is you can then wear nets in any weather – summer, winter! There is no limit with them!

The feel of them are lovely; very soft that it feel like you’re touching bare skin. They’re comfortable to be in all day and have lasted so well. I have tried to snag a few times, and I can gladly say that they haven’t caught one yet! Even if it did, it wouldn’t be that visible seeing as they’re supposed to match your skin colour. These might on me as they’re a lot more creamier than my actual legs!

The denier I do love – 15 is a great one for summer when getting those legs out, and if you’re not a hosiery fan then lighter deniers would totally work to begin with!

The look I have to say I am not keen on the colour; I do wish that these actually enhanced my legs rather than making them look whiter than what they are, but I suppose that’s where the nets come in and change the focus onto the design instead. I don’t think I would wear these on their own, but layer with them instead.



Toe Area



Around the toes I mentioned that it is smaller and more closed netting than the rest of the tights, which is bang on! I don’t like netting that is massive around the toes as the nails just poke through and in my eyes, that’s not attractive!

There’s enough room in these to wiggle toes! No complaints to tell!

Around the toes on these are really nice – they’re reinforced due to the lycra resistance so you’re good with long toe nails (I will be testing that out today with mine!)

They’re quite dense in denier (considering these are 15) but never mind they still look good!

The seams I find don’t like to line up at the top of the toes like I expected; they tend to wiggle down further (which isn’t a bad thing for open toes shoes) but can feel slightly uncomfortable!


The Waistbands



Moving up the waistband, it’s just like most of the Gatta bands – slim, chunky and sit in place! The only downside to layering with these is that the gusset is not sitting flush on me and just rolling down my legs. I have to keep pulling them up to make them sit where they are supposed to.

Otherwise they’re perfectly fine. I doubt you would have this problem if you was to wear them on their own.

Now this band is pretty awesome and here’s why; they’re super comfortable even though it feels quite fitted and they have an invisible brief part to them. I have to say they sit more like a ‘v’ shape on me than rounded like on the mode’s bum. These will be the control top part of them – which I can say is doing its job!

They still hold their shape and their elasticity after taking them on and off a good few times.



Overall Thoughts?

I love the combo I have to say. As I mentioned I wasn’t keen on the colour of the sheers, but with the nets on top and they become the focal point, I love it! The sheers are durable and if you’re a ladderer or snagger like I can be, then I would recommend these for you as they do last! But make sure you get them in a colour which suits you or opt for a black pair!

The nets I always love; they’re just there to do a job and they do it so well!

Thank you Gatta once again for some lovely pairs of hosiery! Can’t wait to review your clothing!


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  1. My girlfriend ( my senior year ) layered exactly like you in these pics on our first date. i couldn’t wait to get her home. All i was thinking about during the dinner and movie. Thanks Soni for the memories !!!

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